Oneshot (1)

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So I attempted to do this in Alpha and Omega until I realized I had already written everything and had nothing for flashbacks.

But for this, I can do some small chapters on how they met, why Mitch is blind, how he named his dog, etc.. so if you have any requests, comment them or PM me!

This is going to be Scott asking Mitch/ their first date, so Scott's 15 and Mitch is 14.



"Hi, Scotty. Whatcha need?"

"I wrote something in Braille.. and I don't know if it's right."

"Can I see it?" Scott gives it to Mitch, who feels it.

"Will.. you.. go.. out.. with.. me? Wait are you...?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Yes, Scotty. I will go out with you."

"Woo!" Mitch laughs and leans into Scott as the blond puts an arm around Mitch's shoulders.

That night, Mitch invites Kirstie and Todrick over to help him get ready for the date.

"I don't know what to wear."

"Why not?"

"Oh I don't know, it's not like I'm blind or anything, Kirst."

"Lose the fucking tone, please." They laugh and Todrick comes out of the closest with two outfits.

"Is it fancy or casual?"

"He said to dress nicely."

"Got it. Wear this." He throws the outfit at Mitch, making him laugh again.

"Goddamn it, Todrick. Is this a skirt?"

"A white skirt with a very light pink sweater."

"What if Scott doesn't like me in a skirt?"

"He will. You shaved?" Kirstie asks.

"Yeah, but call him, please." Kirstie calls Scott and he picks up within the first few rings.


"Scott, how would you feel if Mitch wore a skirt to dinner?"

"If Mitch wears a skirt, I will faint. Please tell me he's gonna wear a skirt."

"You'll see. Gotta go, bye! Love."

"Love." Kirstie hangs up and tells Mitch that Scott wants him to wear it. Todrick and Kirstie turn around while Mitch gets dressed.

"Damn, she hot!" Kirstie calls out when he tells them to turn back around.

"Oh you better werk!"

"It looks good?"

"Very much so."

"Yeah, if Scott doesn't like it then he has more problems than we can help him with."


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