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"Good morning, baby boy."

"Morning. My ass hurts, just letting you know."

"Oops? Love you."

"Yeah, love you too." Mitch rolls on top of Scott, sits up so he's straddling him, and looks down at the blond.

"I never asked you, did you learn Braille just to ask me out?" Mitch asks.

"Yeah. I started learning it as soon as I got the news about you. I had already been planning on asking you out, but then I got that idea."

"Aww, that's adorable."

"You're adorable. Let's go get food."

"I don't feel like putting on clothes." Mitch whines at Scott.

"I surely won't be opposed you walking around naked, my love."

"Get me shorts and one of your sweatshirts, please?"

"Why can't you do it?"

"My ass hurts. It's your fault therefore you have to do what I want."

"That's not what you were screaming yesterday, kitten."

Mitch tries to hide his blush as he falls back onto the bed next to Scott before the latter of the two gets up to get clothes for both of them.

"Will you feed Occhi?"

"Yeah. Do you want to make breakfast or go out?"

"Let's just order post mates, I don't feel like doing anything."

"What do you want?"

"Surprise me."

"Got it, I'll get you a meal full of gluten and chocolate ice cream."

"I'll eat the gluten meal and you'll have to take care of me when I'm sick from it."

"Fine, just chocolate ice cream then."

"Um.. I think the fuck not."

Scott groans, "Fine, I'll get you a breakfast sandwich."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, baby."

"Finals start Tuesday."

"Ew, don't remind me. What do we have?"

"They really start tomorrow but we're exempt from psych and music theory 'cause of the AP tests. Tuesday we have English and history, which we can go in late for because of AP English."

"My brain hurts."

"You'll be fine. Do you know if they got my test..?" Mitch's voice gets softer.

"Yes, Angel, I made sure of it."

"Okay." Scott's phone rings, "Who is it?"

"I don't know.. the number looks familiar, though." He picks up and hears a voice he hasn't heard in almost four years.


"Yeah? Who are you?"

"It's your mom, remember?"

"I don't have a mom.."

"Yes you do, I just had to go away for a while. Are you at Mitch's house? I'll come by and we can talk."

"Don't come anywhere near me."

"Well, I'm already here so you either open the door or I'll wait at your dad's house." Scott hangs up and looks at Mitch, knowing he heard it all.

"She doesn't know I'm blind.."

"I know."

"I guess you could let her in if you want to."

"I don't, but she won't go away." Scott kisses Mitch's head before getting up and answering the door.

"What do you want?"

"That's no way to speak to your mother."

"The same mother who verbally abused me after I came out? The same mother who, after abusing me, disowned and left me? I don't have a mother."

"Yes, you do. And I still have 50/50 custody of you since you're not 18. So, legally, you have to go by my rules, the first one being you can't date Mitch anymore."

"Why do you think—"

"All you ever do is post about him on Instagram."

"You can't make me break up with my boyfriend just to—"

"I can and I am. Say goodbye, you're not staying here anymore."


"Scott, it's not right for you to be with another guy. We'll find you a girlfriend and she'll make you happy."

"I don't want a girlfriend, I'm very happy with Mitch."

"Oh, and you think he's happy with you? He probably is only with your needy ass because he pities you for the things you've told him about me."

That one hits Scott hard. He knows that Mitch loves him, but he still gets insecure about it at times. Mitch hears Scott go silent and he decides he's had enough, so he stands up and walks over to them.

"Don't you dare talk to him that way, I am very happy with him!"

"Oh really? Then why haven't you looked at him once this whole time?"

"Because I need to look at and see somebody to love them?"

"Well, yeah."

"So blind people can't love?"

"You're not blind, that's different."

"Wanna bet?"

"There's no way you're blind."

"What do you want? Me to fucking show you my hospital records?"

"Whatever. You don't love Scott, no one can, he's unloveable. Not even a mother could love that." Mitch hears Scott take in a sharp breath and walk away.

"I love Scott. Scott Richard Hoying is who I fell in love with and you're jealous because your ex-husband realized you're a fucked up psycho, so he divorced you. Don't take it out on my boyfriend just because you envy the fact that he has a good life. So I'm going to say this once: Stay the hell away from him, he wants nothing to do with you, or he will get a restraining order."

"Oh and you think you're so tough? How do you know that, even if he does want one, you could get one?"

"My mother is the best lawyer in the state. She could probably get a warrant for your arrest if she tried hard enough. Now get out of my house." She rolls her eyes and walks out of the house, slamming the door behind her.



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