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March 29, 2019

Todrick sits down with everyone at lunch, "It's Friday, what are we doing tonight?"

Scott laughs, "I was gonna make a joke, but I make it a lot, so I'll leave it up to your imaginations."

"You're soo funny."

"Thanks, baby. I know."

"That's going right to his ego."

"Shut up, Av."

"So what are we doing tonight?"

Mitch gasps, "Let's go Prom shopping."

"It's still two months away."

"Don't be a killjoy, Buckets. We can get the stuff while there are still a lot of options."

"That's the smartest thing that has ever come out of your mouth."

Avi throws a carrot at Scott, "Ew."

"Babe, that was a waste of a perfectly good carrot."

Scott scoffs, "There's no such thing as a good carrot, Kit."

"Carrots are delicious."

"Mitchy, you are so wrong that it hurts."

"You, my love, are so dramatic."

"Thanks. So where are we going, and who's driving?"

"I can't. My car is getting inspected, so Scott's up."

"Damn it. You guys can meet at my house after school, and we'll go from there."


School ends, and Mitch just decides to hang out at Scott's house until they leave around 4:00.

"I think I'm gonna wear a jumpsuit. Maybe a two piece."

"I think that's a fantastic idea."

"You just want me to show more."

"Why would I do that when I could see you fully naked?"

"So you can show everyone that all this," Mitch motions up and down his own body, "is yours."

"I mean... you're not wrong. You're fucking stunning. You might wanna sit down. I'm gonna rant about this now."


"Too late. You're physically flawless. I literally cannot find one imperfection on you. You're just so beautiful, like there aren't words to describe it. I don't...just...damn! Not only are you gorgeous as hell, you're also fucking hot and sexy. Like--"

"Okay, I get it. You--"

"I'm not done. The little things you do are just the best. Like when you see me everyday, you smile, and your dimples show, and I'm fucking obsessed. You act shy and timid when we are out somewhere, but then we get to one of our houses, and you are loud and crazy."


"Baby, I love you, but I'm still not done. When I move when we're in bed, you whine and move closer, even when you're asleep. It's adorable. Not to mention when you want to do something, something being me, you get a look in your eye, and you bite your lip, and it drives me crazy."

"It does?"

"You bite your lip a lot. You do it when you're either anxious or horny, but it's really easy to tell which is which."

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