Perfect ☆ Kavi by Abeautifulsilence
Perfect ☆ Kaviby Vanessa 🌺✨
Fluffy and smutty oneshots all based on our favorite ship, Kavi. •November 28th, 2017~Ongoing•
  • kirstiemaldonado
  • avikaplan
  • mature
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Daddy? || s.h by -anxieteh
Daddy? || s.hby flower girl
"just call me daddy little one." #12 in action 1/12/18 #1in Stockholmsyndrome 7/15/18
  • confusion
  • kinks
  • pentatonix
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PTX Alpha And Omega by pentatonix_takeover
PTX Alpha And Omegaby pentatonix_takeover
2 Alphas 2 Omegas 1 beta
  • mitchgrassi
  • kirstiemaldonado
  • kevinolusola
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The Stray Omega by RyanKuroRodriguez
Coming home from being drafted for over two years, Scott stumbled apon a stray Omega alone on the streets. He brought the Omega to his home and everything changed then.
  • werewolves
  • mitchgrassi
  • mattsallee
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Alpha and Omega by scomiche_for_life
Alpha and Omegaby scomiche_for_life
Mitch is an Omega. He graduated school two years ago and has been with his Alpha since then. He had been abusing him for those two years and would've killed him, if it w...
  • kevinolusola
  • alpha
  • avikaplan
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The Alpha And The Omega 3 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 3by Mama Alpha
The third book of the series! And still going strong, with daily updates :) ALSO: Thank you @Kirstin_FanAcc for the cover!! :*
  • mitchgrassi
  • scotthoying
  • alphaomega
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Fearless by KermitYouGoSecond
Fearlessby GayShipsAreYayShips
Alpha. Beta. Omega. Fearless. Intelligent. obedient. He was the quietest alpha that anyone had ever met. He wouldn't speak to anyone outside of his pack; even then it wa...
  • submissive
  • mattsallee
  • boyxboy
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Scott (scomiche) by scott-to-my-mitch
Scott (scomiche)by emmett🏳️‍🌈
Sadie isn't like any of her female friends, who all think she's a tomboy. She doesn't quite fit in. Mitch, her best friend, has been deaf for as long as Sadie's known h...
  • mattsallee
  • lgbt
  • kevinolusola
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Begin Again by KermitYouGoSecond
Begin Againby GayShipsAreYayShips
In which two badly abused omegas are taken in by the council alpha, in need of love and affection. Fights are had and secrets are shared but it will all end happily ever...
  • wattys2018
  • alphascott
  • superfruit
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The Boy From Italy (Scomiche) by BigBoyCikada
The Boy From Italy (Scomiche)by Kate ❤
Scott Hoying is an American teenager, dealing with his own things like keeping his grades high enough to stay on the soccer team and avoiding awkward conversations with...
  • accent
  • highschool
  • scott
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start over by PointlessNachos2
start overby PN Second Account
I did it I left. - Scott > Chapters will be short. The first 10 chapters are between 50 & 200 words. The chapters after that are 100-500 words <
  • cute
  • ministory
  • avikaplan
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care for you {scomiche} by rosegoldsf
care for you {scomiche}by rosegoldsf
{scomiche omegaverse} Scott is a young alpha. What will happen when a young omega goes into his first heat at Scott's work?
  • alpha
  • scotthoying
  • omega
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Painkillers by DeadMilitia
Painkillersby Tru
Mitch is the most hated student at Philmont Academy. He tries his hardest to be invisible. Things were going well until Scott starts his first year there. Scott didn't u...
  • masoncatt
  • abuse
  • sup3rfruit
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I fell for you | Scomiche | Book 1 | *Completed* by PointlessNachos
I fell for you | Scomiche | Book 1...by 'Nahhhh-chos
" December 20, 2010 Dear Mitch Grassi, I fell for you Love Scott Hoying " | Number 20 in FanFiction! | Book 2 Is OUT!!!! |
  • scomiche
  • ptx
  • pointlessnachos
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Werewolves of Los Angeles--Pentatonix by Tinywen
Werewolves of Los Angeles--Pentato...by Dar Amor <3
Kevin and Matt are two rouge Betas who had just gotten kicked out of their pack. They accidentally stumble across a different pack's territory, the Los Angeles pack. Now...
  • wattpride
  • lgbtq
  • kavi
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Love You A Long Time | Mavi by LittleCarokind
Love You A Long Time | Maviby Caro
Sequel to "Can't Sleep...Love". Mitch and Avi have had a crazy journey discovering their feelings and solidifying their relationship. How will their journ...
  • mavi
  • avikaplan
  • love
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Mountview hospital by Raven5555
Mountview hospitalby Raven5555
Avi Kaplan (19) is admitted to Mountview Hospital for PTSD and is given a roommate called Kevin Olusola (22). He meets Kevin's friends and this is the story of his time...
  • anxiety
  • esther
  • estherkaplan
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The Piece That Fit | Completed  by PointlessNachos
The Piece That Fit | Completed by 'Nahhhh-chos
"Promises mean everything, Until they are broken. Because when a promise gets broken, A sorry means nothing."
  • ptx
  • scotthoying
  • gay
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~Her Omega~ (REWRITTEN) by Uriyah_ptx
~Her Omega~ (REWRITTEN)by Uriyah_ptx
*REWRITTEN* "...Why won't you reject me?" Kirstin shrugs. "The Moon Goddess makes no mistakes. I need someone who will fit, and I feel like we'll bri...
  • avikaplan
  • moongoddess
  • alpha
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From Rags To....... by harrypotternerd76
From Rags To.......by Gryffindor
The story of how a homeless pack ended up with the strongest Alpha in the city.
  • kirstinmaldonado
  • avikaplan
  • mitchgrassi
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