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TW: Self-Harm


I'm home!" Mitch calls, smiling when Occhi runs up to him.

"Hey. Where's Scott?" His mom asks from her spot at her desk.

"His house. I'm staying there this weekend, we figured we'd change it up a little. I came here because I wanted to see you guys before you left."

"Well then come sit." Nel moves closer to Mike and pats the spot next to her until Mitch walks over so he knows where to go.

"How's school going?"

"Good, I have a douchey guy in my first period class but I also made a new friend."

"Ooh, is it a nice boy?"

"What? No, I'm with Scott.

"Just in case you and Scott break up."

"We're not going to break up."

"Most people break up in high school."

"I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not most people."

"You're still like other teenagers." Mike chimes in.

"I was in an abusive relationship at 14 to which that same relationship made me lose my sight. I'm not like most teenagers. No matter how much I try to act like it, I'm not most teenagers and I never will be. I've accepted it, why can't you?" Mitch goes to his room with Occhi following him. He closes the door, lays on the bed, and feels his dog lay next to him with her head on his stomach.

He reaches a hand down and scratches behind her ear, hearing her tail wag, "Hi, pup. We're gonna go to Scotty's house soon, are you excited?" She licks his arm as her tail continues to thump against the bed.

"Go get your toy." He sits up when Occhi goes across the room and comes back with her rope toy, to which he grabs one half and plays tug-of-war with her.

This lasts for a decent amount of time before they both get bored and lay back down. He lays there until about 4:30, which is when he decides to text Scott.

Mitch: My parents r pissing me off so I'll prob be earlier than dinner. Is that ok?

Scott: That's fine, love. U ok?

Mitch: Yeah, they just don't really get it but I'll be fine

Scott: Don't get what?

Mitch: Just, idk, everything? They don't understand that I'm aware most HS relationships don't last but I'm still gonna work my ass off for ours because I know we're gonna work. After everything that we've been through, we have to

Scott: Exactly, babygirl. Don't let it get to u. It's hard for them to understand

Mitch: I guess so. It's just frustrating sometimes

Scott: I know, sweetheart. They'll get it sooner or later. I gtg shower but the front door is unlocked cuz my parents aren't home and idk if I'll be out when u get here

Mitch: Ok, don't slip. I hear it hurts. I'll prob be there soon

Scott: Lmao thanks and ok

Mitch doesn't bother to pack anything except for earbuds and a charger considering he has some clothes at Scott's house and he'll probably just end up wearing Scott's shirts anyways.

He goes downstairs and asks his parents to drive him to Scott's, to which they say yes.

"Occhi, harness." Mitch puts the harness on his dog before she leads him to the car. The ride is silent until they get to Scott's house.

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