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Mitch moans loudly as Scott's fingers brush over his prostate, "More, please."

Scott leans down so he's face to face with Mitch, "What if I don't, huh? What if I just tease you?" He lightly runs his hand up and down Mitch's side, sending shivers down his spine.

"Y-You won't." Scott lightly sucks on Mitch's neck.

"Yeah? What makes you so sure about that?"

"It's our anniversary." Mitch gasps as Scott bites his collar bone. Scott removes his fingers and wipes them off before he trails kisses down Mitch's body, purposely avoiding Mitch's obvious problem.

"Please, Scotty!"

"Please, what, baby? You want me pound into you while you scream my name? Want me to run my hands all over your body and tell you how fucking sexy and beautiful you are?"

Mitch's breath hitches as Scott starts to stroke him lightly, "Uh-huh." Scott smirks and leans down to kiss Mitch while lining up with his entrance before he pushes in, Mitch gasping into the kiss.

Scott starts to slowly thrust into Mitch, gradually picking up his speed as they pull away from the kiss to breathe.

"God, you're so fucking gorgeous, baby boy." Scott says in a low voice into Mitch's ear.

"T-Thank y— Oh my god!" Mitch cries out and grips Scott's bicep tightly when Scott starts to hit his prostate repeatedly.

"You like that?"

"Y-Yes, don't stop!"

"Don't stop this?" He thrusts harder, causing the smaller boy to close his eyes tightly as his mouth hangs agape. Suddenly, Scott starts to slow down his thrusts, earning a whine from Mitch.

"Faster, Scotty, please. I'm so close."

"Nope, you're gonna cum while I go nice and slow."

Mitch gasps, "You're so d-deep." Scott reaches between them and strokes Mitch in time with his thrusts as he leans down to capture him in a kiss as they get closer and closer.

Mitch's eye brows draw together and he moans loudly as he reaches his climax, all of the noises being muffled by the kiss. He pulls away to catch his breath, which is when Scott releases with a low groan and a string of curse words.

Scott gently pulls out and cleans both of them up before laying back down next to Mitch, pulling him closer.

No more smut, you're safe

"Best. Present. Ever." Mitch tells him, still out of breath.

Scott chuckles and kisses his forehead, "I love you, Angel."

"I love you, Scotty." Scott turns the TV on and puts Spongebob on, because there's nothing like having cheeky bum secks and watching a yellow sponge afterwards.

"Scotty, your present is in my book bag."

"Can I get it?"

"If I get mine, too."

"Deal. Be right back." He gets up and grabs the box wrapped in wrapping paper out of Mitch's bag before getting his out of his own bag.

He sits on the bed with Mitch and hands him his gift, "Queen goes first." Mitch smiles and opens the gift bag to find a small box and a slightly larger one.

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