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Occhi is gonna be in the living room during all of this. I didn't know where to put it in the story without ruining the mood, so let's just jump right in


They arrive at Scott's house and immediately go upstairs to his room.

Mitch closes the bedroom door and pushes Scott down so he's sitting on the bed. Mitch straddles Scott's hips and wastes no time starting a heated make out.

Scott grips Mitch's ass as Mitch grinds down, causing them both to let out moans.

Mitch gets off Scott's lap and kneels down in between his legs before unbuttoning his boyfriend's pants, taking his hard member out.

Mitch makes eye contact with him as he slowly strokes Scott's length, biting his lip, earning a groan from Scott.


Mitch holds the eye contact as he licks up Scott's shaft, causing the blond to almost fall back onto the bed. Mitch takes it until it hits the back of his throat. He then focuses on the tip as he swirls his tongue around it.

"Fuck! Shit, Mitch!"

After a little while, Scott pulls Mitch off, "I'm going to cum if you keep it up." Mitch smiles and stands up, slowly removing his clothing one by one, making Scott groan impatiently. Scott takes his own clothing off and sits back down while Mitch gets the lube.

Mitch straddles Scott's lap as soon as Scott spreads the lube on his length. Mitch, once again, leans down and hotly kisses Scott.

Without breaking the kiss, Scott lines up with Mitch's entrance and slips it in, which earns a loud whimper from the smaller boy. Mitch pulls away and rests his forehead against Scott's.

"That was hot." Scott mumbles, rolling his hips.

Mitch gasps as Scott brushes against his prostate, "Thanks for the warning." He breathes.

"Why would I pass the chance to see that?"

"See what?" Scott adjusts his hips again to press right against Mitch's spot. Mitch's head drops down as he draws eyebrows together.

"Oh my god."

"To see that." Scott continues to roll his hips up as Mitch starts to move up and down.

Scott kisses down the side of Mitch's neck, sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin.

Mitch tangles his hands in Scott's hair, lightly pulling at them every time Scott hits his spot.

Scott pulls out and flips them, so he's hovering over Mitch, and he thrusts as quick and deep as he can. Mitch grips the sheets above his head with white knuckles, mouth hanging open as Scott continues leaving marks on his neck and chest.

"You close, baby boy?"


Mitch cums with a loud moan, squeezing his eyes shut, his back arching off the bed.

Scott falls to his elbows as he reaches his climax. He lightly kisses Mitch's cheek and pulls out, collapsing next to the smaller boy on the bed, both out of breath.

Mitch's phone starts ringing a couple minutes later while Scott gets dressed.

"Hello?" He answers, still breathing a bit heavy.

"Why are you so out of breath? Were you having sex?"

"No, Mom, Scott was chasing me. I'm still a virgin."

"You better be. Dad and I will be over in fifteen minutes. Rick said he's pulling into the driveway now."

"How do you know that?"

"Your dad is on the phone with him."

"Is that all?"

"Yes. My keyboard isn't working, so I couldn't text you."

"Okay, see you soon."


"Addio." Mitch hangs up and looks at Scott, who now has clothes on.

"You dirty liar!" Scott throws a shirt at Mitch.

"I was not about to tell my mom that I just had sex after I told her I wouldn't."

"Do you think she knows?"

"I doubt it. She would've beat my ass by now. Does your dad know you're not a virgin?"

"Yeah, he doesn't really care. It's not like I can get you pregnant, and plus we're both clean."

"Lucky bastard."

They hear the front door open, "Scott, will you come here, please?" Rick calls Scott.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute!"

Mitch gets up and looks in the mirror, "Scott!"

"What?" Scott looks over and sees hickeys all over Mitch's neck and collar bone.

"What?" Scott looks over and sees hickeys all over Mitch's neck and collar bone

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"Whoops. Sorry, Love."

"How am I supposed to hide these?"

"Watch a YouTube video, and use your makeup to cover them."

"It's going to take me more than five minutes."

"Turn on the water, and I'll tell your parents you're in the shower." Mitch goes into the bathroom while Scott goes downstairs to help Rick with dinner.

Mitch's parents show up five minutes later, "Hey, Rick. Scott." Nel hugs them both, and Mike gives them handshakes.

"Where's Mitch?"

"He's taking a quick shower."

"He took one earlier today."

"His shoulder was hurting a little, so I told him to shower to help the muscle."

"Oh, good."

Mitch comes downstairs two minutes later, "Look who decided to show up." Mike jokes. Mitch laughs and hugs his parents.

Nel checks Mitch's neck, "No hickeys, look up." Mitch sighs and looks up, "Back at me."

Mitch looks in her eyes, "I didn't have sex, Mom."

"Damn right. Go help Rick and Scott with dinner."


I still don't know how to make a full chapter of smut and make it good, so for now it's still half a chapter

Anyways, goodbye :))))

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