rat poison(thirty six)

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Awsten's pov.

We got to the hotel in L.A. Finally, I also have a feeling that Y/n held my hand way to hard. Anywho now.we are just laying in the bed and y/n seems to have fallen asleep.

I just can't stop thinking about it. What if it goes wrong? Or worse? Ugh why do I always have a feeling that I'm going to mess everything up. It's just soo anoying! I just have to get a little bit of courage... If that's even possible.

Y/n's pov.

As we were laying on the bed I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a bit. When I woke up I looked over to Awsten who seemed extremely nervous and deep in thought.
"Hey roof?" I said but I'm a way that made it sound like a question.
"Hmm." he simply mumbled and looked at me.

"Is something wrong? You seem very off." I turn onto my side as I say that.
"No, there is just something on my mind." he anwsers and smiles at me. His eyes seem to twingle a little bit.
I smile back and he pecks my lips.

Time skip(a couple of hours later)

Awsten dragged me out of the room and we ended up walking to Starbucks because Awsten said "I need my daily intake of coffee and people spelling my name wrong."
He ended up ordering something for me and he didn't tell me what.

"Here you go, jelly bean." Awsten said as he came up to the table where I was sitting. He gave me a drink that was sort of light brown and caramel was drizzled around. He had the same thing.
"Drink it!" he said really excited.
"Fine! But there better be no rat poison in here." I said as I started drinking it. There is only one word to describe it. AMAZING!

"This is sooo good!" I told Awsten and he smiled.
"I knew you would like it." he said as he was drinking.
"What even is it?" I asked curiously.
"It's caramel, coffee, ice, milk, chocolate and vanilla." he said simply and I noded.

Soo we finished and walked around doing every possible stupid thing.
"I have something special planned for you tommorow." Awsten said walking along the sidewalk.
"Hmm really?" I smiled and he laughed a bit.
"Yup and I hope it goes well." he laughed and almost fell. I started laughing and he did too.

"We should head back. It's almost 1 am." I said and he agreed.
On the way back we laughed about every little thing we did in the past 6 months. It was really the best 6 months of my life. From meeting Awsten, starting to hang out with my old friends again, and learning to love again. I just want to be by Awsten's side for the rest of time.

I got pulled out of my thoughts by Awsten picking me up. I looked at him and he gave me a simple smile. And he ended up carrying me all the way to the hotel.
I finally got time to update and I had a terrible migraine for pretty much the whole day. Yay. Also the next two chapters will be really exciting for me to write.
Hope you like it!

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