Paris (twenty nine)

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Okay you all! Sooo before you start reading, I wanna ask you something. I was thinking of doing a q&a for a while! Soo ask questions and I'll probably reply to them because I don't feel like having a chapter for that!

Awsten's pov.

We were in the plane flying to Paris. Y/n was once again holding my hand and I'm pretty sure that I can't feel my hand anymore. But I love her and I don't really care.

We had 30 minutes left of flying soo I decided to be a good boyfriend and wake her up early. I took her headphones as they were in her lap and pluged them into my phone. I put them into her head covering her ears.
I went into my playlists and found the song "I'm made out of wax, what are you made of Larry?" by A Day To Remember. As soon as I pressed play y/n jumped out of her seat and into my lap. I stopped the song.

She looked at me with a 'really' look on her face. I just kissed her and the plane soon landed.

Y/n's pov.

We went to a hotel and left out things there. The boys had a show at 7 pm which meant that we had the whole day to go around Paris.
I got dressed and Awsten pulled me outside.
"Where are Otto and Geoff?" I asked him.
"Today is only about you and me." Awsten answered and I smiled.

We started exploring around Paris. But first we went into a coffee shop and got coffee. After we just walked around and talked. And soon we reached the Eiffel tower. I swear me and Awsten are the most cliche couple ever.

We had to use the stairs to get to the top. Jesus that's a lot of walking!
Half way I was already very tired.
"Hey, jump into my back I'll give you a piggyback." Awsten said as he noticed that I was tired. At first I refused but he talked me into it.

I jumped onto his back and he carried me all the way to the top.  As we got there the view was beautiful. You can see all of Paris from the top. Awsten put me down and gave me a kiss.
"Well now I can remove 'Bring a girl to Paris and kiss her in top of the Eiffel tower' from my bucked list." he said and giggled. I jus playfully punched his arm. We stayed there until 3 pm.

On the way back we obviously got ice cream and acted all "lovey dovey".
And at 7 the show started. It was obviously amazing and Awsten called me onto stage as always. But he seemed kinda nervous.

"Okay you all. I need to tell you something especially y/n." he said and everyone aww-ed.
"Okay. Y/n you are literally the best girlfriend I could ask for. And I have a really good felling about this relationship. Although we've been together for about five month I want to promise you something in front of all these people." he said and turned to me he took my hand very gently and put a ring on my finger. Tears started forming in my eyes.

"One day, no matter how old we are or how many fights we have. I promise you I'll make you my wife and hopefully the mother of my children. So I'm asking you if you promise the same to me?" he said and I smiled and took the mic.

"Of course! Only I'll make you my husband and the father of my children. I love you! And I promise." I said and everyone started clapping and awww-ing.

I love him soo much and I can't wait for that day to come.
This got really cute and I kinda cried out of happiness while writing this.
Hope you like it!

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