hi umm hey(nineteen)

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Y/n's pov.

It was Saturday and I was waiting for Awsten to pick me up. Je finally vcame at exactly 8 pm.

"Hi." I said as I got into the car.
"Hey, jelly bean." he said and pecked my lips.
"Soo I texted with one of your friends yesterday." I said and he raised his eyebrows.
"Really, which one..?" he asked sounding kinda jealous.
"Jawn." I said and he asked me "Well do you two get along?".
"Yeah. He kinda reminds me of a guy who I went to high school with, he moved to Califronia though." I said and we kept on talking until we came to Travis' house.

Well I guess I'll meet Travis today.
Suddenly I got a text.

Jawn: hey you going to the party with Awsten?

Me: yup we just arived

Jawn: yay I'll take pics of you two

Me: you know I could never forget that u are a photographer

Jawn: that's cause it's my passion

I looked up and saw Awsten talking to some guy.
"Y/n this is Travis. Travis this is y/n." Awsten said and I looked at him and then at Travis.

"Hi!" I said shaking his hand.
"Hey, it's a pleasure to finally meet the girl Awsten talks about all the time." Travis said and I laughed and blushed a bit.

"Hey I'm gonna say hi to old friends and you can do whatever you want." Awsten said and I noded just before hi pecked my lips again.

I want and walked around kinda exploring the house. I was in the backyard when somebody suddenly took a photo of me and It was, of course, Jawn.
"I knew I'd find you out here." he said with a smirk on his face.
He stepped closer and shaked my hand.
"I don't think we've properly meet, you know in real life. I'm Jawn Rocha." he said and that's when it rang.

"Rocha???" I asked kinda surprised.
"Umm yeah that's my last name..." he said. I made the biggest grin possible and then I hit his arm.
"Shit, what was that for.... Omg y/n I can't believe I forgot!" he finally realised and I laughed.
"It's been years. And you've changed quite a lot." he said.
"You as well I never thought that you'd actually dye your hair red." I laughed.

We got back inside and I found Awsten. We stayed for another 3 hours and then we left. It was nice to see Jawn again.

"Ummm I was wondering if you would like to stay at mine tonight?" Awsten asked as we got into the car and I said "Sure.". The ride was filled with jokes and lots of music and singing.
Dun dun dun!
Y/n knows Jawn as well. There will be more of a backstory to that later, but I want the next few chapters to focuse on Awsten and y/n. There might also be a surprise very soon and a bit of drama later.
Hope you liked this little filler. Sorry if I don't update as much.

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