grunge meets pastel(seven)

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Y/n's pov.

It was Saturday and today I'll finally hang out with Awsten. And the questions started coming. What do I wear? Do I put on makeup? Do I like Awsten? Maybe I still like Geoff...? Is Otto really Otto? Why do I exist?

Maybe too much thinking... I heard my phone ring and it was Awsten.

Awsten: hey I'll pick you up around 1 pm

Me: sure sounds great!

Awsten: of course jelly bean

Me: shut up roof!

Awsten: go get ready you have 30 minutes

Me: oh shit!

I got up from bed and started to put clothes on. I ended up in black skinny jeans, a Star Wars shirt and some converse. I also put on a choker and no makeup. My hair was simply down.

I looked at the clock and it was 1 pm. I rushed out and saw Awsten waiting.
"Hi" I said as I got into the car.
He simply said "Hey!".

We talked for about 10 minutes and we came to Awsten's place. As we got inside I noticed a lot of pastel purple, the opposite of my place. As mine was almost completely black.
"Otto and Geoff should be here soon." said Awsten and I simply nodded.

"Want anything to drink?" he asked.
"Sure." I answered still amazed by his living room. He went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of orange juice and a bowl of jelly beans.

"Really?" I said as I saw the jelly beans.
"Yup! From now on I shall call you jelly bean queen!" he said and I stayed silent. But after about 5 seconds we both started laughing.

The door opened and there was Geoff. I jumped off the couch and into his arms. I huged him as tight as I could and he did the same.

"I missed you soo much." he whispered.
"I missed you more." I said back. As we stopped huging I noticed Otto and it was time to hug him!

"Otto!" I said as he huged me.
"Y/n! O my lord. I haven't seen you in a while." Otto said and I nodded.

I felt something poking my arm and I looked over to Geoff. He was pointing at Awsten who seemed... jealous? Why would he be jealous?
We all walked into the living room and started talking. I was sitting in between Geoff and Awsten and Otto was on a chair. I found out a lot.about Awsten and he learned about all my embarrassment which Otto and Geoff saw.

After about 3 hours I had to go home.
"It was soo nice to catch up with you guys and it was amazing finding out a lot of things about you, Awsten." I said as I was about to leave I heard Geoff.
"I can drop you off. Otto is staying with Awsten." he said and I nodded.

I said bye to Otto and hugged the living crap out of Awsten. I'm pretty sure he blushed when I have him a kiss on his cheek. Cute.
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