you know Josh Dun?!?(twenty four)

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Y/n's pov.

It was 2 days before going on tour with the boys and I was fucking excited. I decided to text Josh as I haven't heard from him in a while. (Also let's pretend like the hiatus isn't happening. Okay? Okay.)

Me: Joshuaaa

Josh: y/nnnn

Me: what's up we haven't talked in ages!

Josh: nothing much

Josh: yeah I miss my best fren

Me: don't say best fren Tyler will murder me

Josh: ups he saw it

Josh: he got a knive and now he's screaming "Jishwa is my best fren!"

Me: omg

Me: say hi from me

Josh: He says hi

Me: how are him and Jenna?

Josh: adorable as ever #marriage_goals

Me: yasss

Me: hey I has question.

Josh: what is it?

Me: would you like to call my boyfriend and surprise him

Me: but don't tell him that I gave you his number of that you know me

Josh: omgg of course

Me: yay

Me: here's the number ***-***-****

Josh: thanks I'll go and scar him for life

Me: pls don't send him your nudes

Josh: maybe I will, maybe I won't

Me: omg don't

Josh: don't act like you didn't like them... ;)

Me: omg shut up and call Awsten

Josh: sure.. ;)

This is gonna be very funny...

Awsten's pov.

I was just watching TV when I got a call from an unknown number. I still answered it.
(J - Josh, A - Awsten)

J - hi is this Awsten?
A - Yes, who are you?
J - Joshua William Dun
A - what the fuck are you fucking kidding me right now
J - no
A - omg how do you know who I am?
J - let's just say a little bird told me...

I ended up talking with Josh for an hour straight, and he is coming to our concert on warped this summer. Ahh I'm fangirling!

Me: jelly bean!

Y/n💋: roof! What's up!

Me: you'll never guess who I just became friends with

Y/n💋: oh idk maybe Josh Dun

Me: how do you know?

Y/n💋: I told him to call you

Me: wtf you know Josh Dun?!?

Y/n💋: yup I lived in Columbus for a year while I was in my last year of high school and I meet him and Tyler, we became really good friends

Me: you'll have to introduce me to him on warped this year

Y/n💋: sure if you'll take me with you to warped

Me: of course!
This part is everything and nothing at the same time.
Also holy shit! Thanks for 1k reads! I never thought this would get so many. Maybe like 500 at best, but 1k never.
Anyway hope you like it!

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