entertain me(five)

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Y/n's pov.

I just came back home from my classes and desided to make some lunch. I got all the ingridients to make homemade pasta and sauce. After I made the dough and started to cook the sauce I realized that I didn't have any tomato sauce.

"Well now I feel really dumb." I told myself. How the hell did I forget the tomato sauce I mean that's the most important ingredient.

I went to my room and changed into some clean clothes. A dark purple jumper and some black skinny jeans along with some black vans. I grabbed my house keys and locked the door.

10 minutes later
I finally came to HEB and got the tomato sauce along with some orange juice, because you can NEVER have enough orange juice!

As I was walking out I saw something familiar blue hair. "Awsten!" I thought. As I started walking forward I was in his left side and he looked at me.
"Y/n! Omg hey!" he said huging me very tight.

Awsten's pov.

I was walking out of HEB and going to my car when I noticed a very short girl with h/c hair. It was Y/n!
"Y/n! Omg hey!" I said and gave her a very tight hug.
"Hi Awsten! What're you doin here?" she asked.
"Nothing just getting juice." I said and she chuckled. We kept talking for a while and she is very amazing. She also has beautiful e/c eyes.

"We should hang out sometime!" she said and I agreed.
"But you'll have to entertain me." I said and she looked at me suspiciously.
"Okay. No problem roof!" she said and I said "Yeah I'll see you shortie!". She just chuckled.
"Also say hi to Geoff and Otto for me." she said just before we parted ways.
"No problem." I said and walked over to my car.

Y/n's pov.

When I came home and finished cooking it was about 6 pm. I got a message from Otto.

Otto: hey hey you you!

Me: I don't like your girlfriend!

Otto: no way no way I think you need a new one!

Me: hey hey you you!

Otto: I could be your girlfriend!

Me: Otto aren't you a boy? *-*

Otto: yeah, and you could be Awsten's girlfriend.... ;)

Me: really? -_-

Otto: yup, he said he saw you today and won't stop talking about you!

Otto: isn't that cute? ^_^

Me: ahahaha... sure

Otto: Geoff says hi and Awsten won't stop asking why he didn't meet you before :)))

Me: well we finally meet

Otto: yup! and I'm gonna take a nap

Me: sleep tight!

That was... weird. Otto has always been like that and we always got along very well.

And now I'm also sleepy. I'm just gonna take a quick nap.
This might be the longest chapter I wrote. And y/n will hang out with Awsten... ;) Anywho hope you enyojed and thanks for reading and voting!

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