walking love song(twenty øne)

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Awsten's pov.

I just came to y/n's house and I was thinking how to ask her. Maybe just throw it into the conversation casualy, maybe scream it out when she opens the door. No I'll probably just say it.

I knock and soon I'm greeted by a smiling y/n.
"Good day, my beautiful sir." she says in an english accent.
"Good day, young lady." I said back and she gigled.

Soon we were talking about god knows what and at one point I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. She said "Yeah.".

As we were walking I finally decided to ask.
"Umm y/n I wanted to ask you something since last Monday..." I said a bit sheepishly. She noded and I continued.
"So Otto, Geoff and me are going on tour to Europe. And I was wondering if you wanted to go with?" I finally asked.
"Hmm but I have to go to school and everything. But I could take a break for a month or two." she said and I still didn't get an answer.
"Yes, I'll go." she said calmly and I started jumping around out of happiness.

"I love you sooooo much!" I said as I hugged her and she laughed and said
"Me loves you too.". I picked her up and ended up carrying her back to her house.

Y/n's pov.

I can't wait to go on tour with Awsten. But I need to tell him. Now or never.
We were cuddling on my couch and I looked at Awsten. He looked at me and smiled.
"Awsten, can I tell you something?" I asked and he noded.

"Well, last week my anxiety got pretty bad and I didn't really feel motivated to do anything. I just feared everybody judging me. It was like every single person was looking at me and like a did something terrible. And the voices started coming back, saying I was worthless and you didn't actually love me. And I kinda believed them over my own heart." I finally said and he hugged me and kissed the top of my nose.

"I love you, I adore you, I'm in love with you. And you're beautiful and I need you." he said and I slightly smiled. He ended up staying that night with me and we watched a bunch of movies.
This was kinda cute and.a bit cliche. But I like it a lot. Anywho, I'll be able to upload more because no more school for two weeks woohoo.
Hope you enyoj and stay in school children.

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