Mrs. Knight 1(thirty seven)

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Y/n's pov.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Wait Awsten didn't make pancakes, did he? I got up from bed and into the bathroom. L.A. sure is full of traffic, I mean everything is full of cars right now. Anywho I showered and dryed my hair.

When I got into the living room/kitchen I imediently saw Awsten by the stove. He was making red velvet pancakes with peaches. I got behind his back and hugged him.
"Look who finally woke up." he said and smiled at me. I just stuck my tongue out and laughed.
"It's only 1 pm." I said and sat on the couch.

Soon Awsten came and set a plate of pancakes with peaches, whipped cream and heart shaped sprinkled in front of me.
"That looks amazing!" I told him as he sat down next to me.
"Hmm I want to see you cooking sometime." Awsten said and I smiled.
"Maybe I'll cook for you when we go back to Texas." I say back and he smiles.

I took a fork and started to eat. It was very good. And Awsten seemed to enjoy it as well. After we finished the late breakfast Awsten came up to me while I was in my phone.
"We are going out tonight. And right now I need to get something and you have to stay here." he said to me and I simply nodded. And before he left I have him a quick kiss.

Time skip because I'm lazy.

I got a text from Awsten about 5 pm.

Awsten💕: hey, I'll be waiting outside, wear something classy (:

Me: sure, be there in 30 minutes

Awsten💕: can't wait

I decided to put on a simple black skirt and a peach shirt. It looked very nice, especially with peach vans. As for my hair I put it up in a sort of messy bun. And I also put on my glasess.

I got out of the room and when I came outside the hotel I saw Awsten. He was wearing everything black and had his glasses on. He looked quite handsome.

"Hey." I greeted him.
"Hello." he said back and smiled.
"Where are we going?" I asked as I couldn't wait to see what he had planned.
"That is a surprise for you." he said and have me a mischievous little smirk.
"Ohh okay..." I sort of pouted. But he giggled and I laughed a bit.

After 10 minutes of walking we came to a restaurant. And as soon as we sat down at out table I noticed Awsten getting a bit nervous.
"Realax." I told him in a joking way and he smiled and calmed down a bit.
I decided to get some lasagna and Awsten got the same.

We pretty much talked for and hour, well we also ate, but that's not important.
"Okay, after we are done here I'm taking you to the beach." Awsten said and I have him a confused look.
"What?" he asked and I chuckled.
"We are going to the beach at 7 pm?" I asked him and he nodded.
"Well okay, you obviously have a plan." I added abd he smiled.
"You know I do." he said and we both laughed.

We got up and Awsten paid being the gentleman he is. And soon we were at the shore of the ocean.
"It's so beautiful. The stars and moon reflect in the water." I said and Awsten came closer.
"Yeah it is really pretty, but you know what's prettier?" Awsten asked.
I just shaked my head, no.
"You. You are prettier than the whole world to me." he said and I blushed, but smiled.

He smiled at my embarrasment and placed a finger on my chin. He slowly pushed my chin up which resulted to looking at him straight into his eyes.
He brought his lips closer to mine and soon he closed the space. The kiss was gentle, yet passionate and meaningful.
As our lips separated I couldn't help but smile.
Sort of cliffhanger... But it's all for a good reason, don't you worry...
Hope you like it and the next part will be up very soon.

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