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Y/n's pov.

I was just sitting in my cauch since Awsten had to go and couldn't text me. I wonder how him and Geoff meet? It's probably not important.

I used to have a huge crush on Geoff but it kinda faded since he got a girlfriend but me and him still stayed in touch but I haven't texted him in like a month. That's when my phone rang.

Geoff: hey y/n!

Geoff: sooooo

Geoff: you meet Awsten ;)

Me: yeah, why the winky face?

Geoff: ohh you know... he might like you...

Me: whaaa? -_- you're lying

Geoff: trust me I know Awsten well enough ^_^

Me: how'd you meet him? You never told me about him...

Geoff: yeah I'm kinda in a band with him and Otto...

Me: omg I haven't heard from Otto for like six months!

Geoff: ahahaha but yeah we meet at band practice

Me: what's the band called?

Geoff: waterparks

Me: hmmm why didn't you tell me you were in a band

Geoff: idk it kinda didn't matter

Me: yeah, umm I have to go to sleep but say hi to Otto and roof

Geoff: who is roof?

Me: Awsten

Geoff: I don't want to know why ×-×

Me: he wanted to type goof but it ended out as roof

Geoff: ohhh like that time I wrote nut instead of cut

Me: yeah and your mum read it!

Geoff: enough of my shameful past go to sleep

Me: night nut boy

Geoff: night y/n

Geoff's pov.

"Otto! Y/n said hi." I told Otto and Awsten peeked from around the wall.
"Wait how does Otto know her?" Awsten asked looking at Otto like he's about to kill him.

"We meet over some friends because y/n always used to hang out with a couple of my friends." Otto said.
"Yeah and that's how I meet Otto!" I added and Awsten noded.

"How come I never meet her?" Awsten asked kinda childish.
"I don't know but we really need to go out like y/n, you, Geoff and me." said Otto and we all noded. It's going to be good to see one of my best friends again.
Two updates on one day woohoo! Also turns out y/n also knows Otto and there is a reason why y/n and Awsten never meet before but you'll have to wait and find out as time passes by.
- Spooky💜

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