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Y/n's pov.

Today is Friday. Tommorow I'm going out with Awsten. Right now I'm laying in my bad and having an existential crisis (lol same). I'm listening to twenty one pilots but suddenly I'm pulled out of my thoughts by a text.

Awsten: y/n

Awsten: me has news

Me: what is it?^·^

Awsten: look

Me: I'm looking

Awsten: I'm a purple boi now

Awsten: I'm a purple boi now

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Me: aww you're cute ^-^

Awsten: really?

Me: yup

Me: me also has news

Awsten: rly?

Me: yup

Me: guess what it is...

Awsten: you're pregnant and Geoff is the father?!?

Me: no... -_-

Awsten: you're pregnant and Otto is the father?!?

Me: umm no...

Awsten: I'm the father?!? °-°


Awsten: oh thank god

Me: yeah... and I'm single...

Awsten: oh no I'm pregnant?!?

Me: cool who's the father?

Awsten: you... ;)

Me: boi

Awsten: no it's a girl


Awsten: nooooo how will I live without you!?!?

Me: I'm not dying I just had to get your attention, sorry

Awsten: you fucking scared me °-°

Me: sorry...

Awsten: ....

Me: okay but for real

Me: I'm getting a CAT!

Awsten: oh.my.god.

Me: yeah!

Awsten: omg I will move to your house just because of the cat

Me: omg chill

Awsten: are you excited for tomorrow?

Me: yeah I haven't been to a carnival in a long time

Awsten: but this time it'll be amazing ;)

Me: roof are you trying to flirt?

Awsten: no....

Me: oh god, I have to go my neighbour is moving out and I gotta say bye

Awsten: okay, I'll see you tomorrow ^·^
The next chapter will be about their "date". Maybe it'll turn into a date, maybe not.
Thanks for reading!

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