exams, Awsten and tea(ten)

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Y/n's pov.

It was already Thursday and I had to study for some exams for tomorrow.
I got my books, glasses, and tea. After about 2 hours of just studying I got a text. And it was obviously from Awsten.

Awsten: jelly bean!

Me: hi

Awsten: what're u doin?

Me: I was just studying

Awsten: well...


Me: what's on Saturday?

Awsten: °°° -_-°°°

Me: jk I'm excited

Awsten: you better be...

Me: or what?

Awsten: don't test me young lady

Me: or what?

Awsten: y/n y/l/n !

Me: Awsten Knight!

Awsten: you sassy little...

Me: no cursing mister!

Awsten: hey I'm older than you!

Me: and I'm Brendon Urie

Awsten: then I'm Ryan Ross

Me: *-*

Awsten: (;


Awsten: NOO RYDEN!

Me: just kidding I ship Joshler :)))

Awsten: well I'll be the Josh to your Tyler

Me: nooo I'll be the Josh to YOUR Tyler!

Awsten: oh god!

Me: hihihi

Awsten: omg why am I even talking to you?

Me: because you loves me

Awsten: aww much love very Awsten

Me: lol wow

Awsten: "hihihi"

Me: very funny

Me: my name eh Jeff

Awsten: no no no it Geoff

Me: my name eh Geoff

Awsten: that's better

Me: Awsten

Awsten: yes, that's my name

Me: I have to study

Awsten: don't leave me

Awsten: y/nnnnnnn

Awsten: I'll just talk to Geoff
Well I'm still sick. Also here's s bunch of band references, because I'm band trash. Anyway hope you enyojed and I'll see you later!

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