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Y/n's pov.

We were finally in Milan for two days. That means I'll finally be able to sleep for an entire night. Thank Jesus!
I was in the hotel laying in the bed and procrastinating as always. I love it in Europe but I just wanna go home.

Suddenly Awsten jumps onto the bed and disturbs me. He looks at my face and licks the tip of my nose.
"What is wrong with you?" I ask him and he gives me an innocent smile.
"It's not my fault. You're just incredibly sweet!" he says and I smile a little.
"You are literally the cheesyest person I know." I say and turn to face him. Then I lick his nose and give him a smile.

"Hmmm guess I'm sweet as well.." Awsten says and I look at him with an obvious look.
"No revenge is sweet!" I yell and his eyes go wide at the sound.
"Jesus calm your voice." he said and I smiled and laughed.
"I'm not the one that tweets in capital letters." I say back and we both laugh after a few seconds.

Ten minutes later Awsten pushes me off of the bed. I look at him with a wtf look.
"We are having a beach day, lose!" he yells and I go into the bathroom.

I decided to wear a "TANTRUM" sweater and ripped black jeans. Because Awsten was wearing the same. Hihihi I'm gonna steal all of his shirts by the time we come back to Texas.

As I got out of the bathroom Awsten looked at me and sighed.
"Darlin, as much as I love you. YOU HAVE TO STOP STEALING MY SHIRTS." he said and I fell on my ass laughing.
"You shall not stop me!" I yelled and ran out of the room. And as I was running I crashed into Otto who was just standing in the hallway with Geoff.

"Y/N! YOU HAVE TO STOP FALLING ON TOP OF ME!" Otto yelled at me as I got up with Geoff's help.
"Nah you're very comfortable." I said.
"I wanna be on top of Otto!" Awsten said sounding like a child. Geoff burster out laughing and Otto was speechless.
"Awsten, honey, I think Otto is more of a top. Do you'll have to bottom." I said and they were all speechless at.this point.

"Awsten, y/n is more perverted than we thought." Geoff said still having tears in his eyes from laughing.
"I know." Awsten said in a kinda disappointed voice.
"I LOVE IT!" he screamed and picked me up. Jesus I love him.

Awsten's pov.

We were at the beach and doing god knows what. We ended up getting ice cream before and y/n made a "date" for me and Otto. Otto payed so I was pretty satisfied.

We were drawing in the sand and writing a lot of shit.
"Smile you motherflufer!" y/n suddenly yelled and as she took a picture of me.
"I wanna see it!" I yelled back and she showed it to me.

"Ugh you got my bad side!" I said she looked at me and kissed my cheek

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"Ugh you got my bad side!" I said she looked at me and kissed my cheek.
"Every one of your sides are amazing." y/n said and I may have slightly blushed.

At evening we went back to the hotel and y/n fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. She's just adorable!
Another long chapter wohoo. I just feel really happy and energetic lately!
Hope you like it and thanks for reading!

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