car rides(eight)

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Geoff's pov.

I really had to talk to y/n. That's kinda why I wanted to driver her... Well here goes nothing.
"Umm y/n. Could we talk?" I asked her and she put down her phone and said "sure".

"Okay. Ummm about why you and Awsten never meet." I finally said and she gave me an confused look.
"What about it?"  she asked looking at me very suspiciously.
"Yeah... Otto and I decided that it would be better to keep you two apart. Because you were both in a bad mental place. And until recently Awsten was crushed by his girlfriend, now ex, cheating on him. But you made him smile in a genuine way." I finally said it and y/n seemed calm.

"Why would anyone cheat on him?" she asked.
"I don't know, but me and Otto always had a bad feeling about her." I said back and she just looked out of the window.

Y/n's pov.

As Geoff droped me off he said something I couldn't believe.
"Hey y/n!" I didn't turn around and he probably thought that I wasn't listening.
"You know Awsten might fall for you and your sass." he mumbled it out.

As I got inside of my house I decided to ask Geoff what he meant by that.

Me: hey nut boy

Geoff: rly?

Me: I have to ask you something

Me: why would Awsten fall for me?

Geoff: why wouldn't he?

Me: idk maybe because I'm worthless..

Geoff: no y/n just because you had 2 relationships where the guys told you that you weren't good enough doesn't mean that other people think the same

Me: °~°

Geoff: smile

Me: what?

Geoff: smile :)

Me: why?

Geoff: because Ily and you're beautiful

Me: you love me *-*

Geoff: yes and Awsten will love you sooner or later ;)

Me: you know that I used to like you...?

Geoff: I noticed after a while

Me: when did you notice?

Geoff: when you kissed me and I don't know if you knew back then but I kissed back

Me: rly?

Geoff: yup, you were the first girl I ever kissed

Geoff: and my bff

Me: awww

Geoff: how come we never got together?

Me: idk probably because I was afraid to lose my best friend

Geoff: I guess I was afraid too

Me: ahaha but bff are always better than relationships!

Geoff: of course ^-^
Oml that's a twist. Soo y/n and Geoff kissed each other back in the day, but they decided to stay friends because bffs over relationships! But for real the next few chapters will be about a jealous Awsten. It'll be pretty cute!
Thanks for reading and voting!

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