Jealous much?(nine)

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Y/n's pov.

It was around 2 am. I couldn't sleep and was just thinking. I decided to text Awsten.

Me: heyyyy

Me: Awstennn

Me: don't leave me on seen

Me: ugh you son of a gun! what's wrong?

Me: talk to me.

Awsten: why don't you talk to Geoff?

Me: I wanna talk to you :(

Awsten: well I'm sure Geoff is better at talking

Me: ohh I see now °¬°

Awsten: what?

Me: you're jealous aren't you?


Me: yup you're jealous because me and Geoff are so close

Awsten: I'M NOT

Awsten: okay maybe a little bit...

Awsten: okay! I'm jealous

Me: that's what I said

Awsten: well it just seems like you two are closer than friends should be

Me: yeah because

Me: WE


Me: BFFS!!!

Awsten: ummm now I feel dumb -_-

Me: that's 'cuz ur a roof!

Awsten: and ur a jelly bean

Me: #jellybeansrock

Awsten: #roofsrockmore

Me: lol

Awsten: me has question for you

Me: what is da question?

Awsten: would you like to go to a carnival with me next weekend?

Me: just me and you?

Awsten: yeah

Me: yes I'll go

Awsten's pov.

She said yes. Omg I have to tell Geoff. I mean he was the reason I asked her. Or you could say he was my 'moral suport'.

Me: omg Geoff! She said yes!

Y/n: who said yes?

Me: omg that was supposed to go to Geoff

Y/n: wow you're very excited

Me: yeah, I have to go now! Bye.

Y/n: bye

Oh god that was awkward. But I still have to text Geoff.

Me: Geoff!

Me: she said yes!

Geoff: I told you

Me: but it technically isn't a date

Geoff: it could become one.... ;)

Me: sure...

Me: I'll have to go bye!

Geoff: bye Awsten y/l/n!
Well I'm sick right now and here's a fun story.

I didn't go to school on Friday when we had biology because I had fever. But I went Monday and yesterday. Today we had biology again and my teacher asked how come I'm not at school. A guy started yelling " she's dead, she's dead" as a joke. The teacher asked "she died?!?" and he really believed it and everybody laughed. But my bff said I was sick.
Apparently I'm dead now. 😂😂😂

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