stupid for you(twenty eight)

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Y/n's pov.

After London we pretty much traveled around the UK. The last city was Brighton. The past 10 days were filled with walking and traveling around. Not that I mind though.

After the show me and Otto wanted to play twenty one questions, but Awsten wanted truth of dare.
"Why don't we just play twenty one dares?" Geoff asked. We all looked at each other and agreed. We sat into a circle and we decided to spin a bottle, because why not?

It landed on Otto and Geoff.
"I dare you to... Go outside and scream 'Buy our new album'." Otto said and Geoff sighed. He got up and opened the window.
"Buy our new album entertainment!" Geoff screamed just moments later. We all laughed and spun the bottle again.

It landed on me and Otto.
"I dare you tooo... Send a random contact in your phone 'YOU KNOW I'M STUPID FOR YOU.'." I said and Otto got his phone out.
"Don't say who it is though." Geoff added and Otto noded.
Suddenly Awsten got a message.
"Aww Otto. I always knew!" Awsten said and Otto rolled his eyes. And we spun the bottle again.

It landed onto Awsten and Geoff. Geoff smirked and looked at me. Oh god no.
"Awsten I dare you to... send Jack's nudes to y/n." Geoff said and my eyes went wide.
"Which Jack do you mean?" Awsten asked as it it was nothing.
"You know mister Jack Barakat." Geoff said and I just stared. Awsten said "Sure." and took his phone out.
"Why the fuck does Awsten have Jack's nudes?" I asked.
"Everyone here does." Otto said and I just sat there completely confused.

Soon my phone rang and I had to look at it. I opened the text and it wasn't Jack... IT WAS AWSTEN. WHAT THE HELL? I stared and looked at Awsten.
"I told him to send his not Jack's in text." Geoff said. They all laughed and I was sitting there completely dumbfold.
"Aww don't worry you'll see him naked irl." Otto said and I blushed.
Why do I even try with them?

We continued playing for about 30 minutes and then we went to sleep. See you soon Paris.
I have no idea how this happened. Anywho hope you like it and thanks for reading!

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