sleepover 1(sixteen)

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Y/n's pov.

Soo it's finally spring break! Today was Friday or you could say the last day of hell. Two weeks without having to go to collage. I was just chilling in my room when I got a text.

Awsten💞: hey jelly bean!

Me: hi roof!

Awsten💞: what're you doing?

Me: nothing just chilling

Me: do you wanna come over?

Awsten💞: sure, I'll be there in ten minutes

Awsten💞: also do you maybe want me to get pizza or something?

Me: yesss!

Me: you know me so well <3

Awsten💞: ^·^

Me: well I'm gonna make us milkshakes

Awsten💞: sounds great!

I went into the kitchen and got ice cream, chocolate souce, ice, milk and lots of chocolate.

After I made the milkshakes I poured some chocolate souce around the glass and filled the glass with the milkshake. I also put some whipped cream on top and sprinkled it with chocolate stars. They were perfect, and I put them in the fridge.

I also set up a bunch of pillows and blankets in my living room and I got some fairly lights, a LOT of fairy lights!

It was perfect and I got into some black sweatpants and an oversized All Time Low shirt.

After 5 minutes I heard my doorbell. And if course it was Awsten. I let him in and he put the pizza onto the living room table. I got the milkshakes and also a bunch of candy and sweets.

When I came back I noticed what Awsten was wearing. He was wering sweatpants and a plain black shirt. Damn he looked hot.

"See something you like?" Awsten said with a smirk spread across his face. That's when I realized that I was probably staring. Oh boy.
"Umm I-I ummm..." that was the only thing coming from my mouth.

"No need to be shy." Awsten said as he came closer to me. I blushed and my head started to beat really fast, like I thought it was gonna explode...

Awsten was now extremely close and I probably looked like an idiot.
"Aww jelly bean, I won't bite." he said and before I could even process it he kissed me. That cute little bastard. Ugh why does he have to tease me so much....!

Awsten's pov.

Y/n was soo embarrassed when I kissed her. She was just staring at me like I commited a crime or something.
"What just happened?" she asked me and I just laughed.
"I think you got really flustered." I said and she blushed but then she gave me a cute little smile and I hugged her.

"I love how you get shy soo easily." I told her and she giggled and asked me what movie I wanna watch.
Not gonna lie this was pretty cute to write!
Anywho hope you all like it!

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