black fluffy cat(twenty three)

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Y/n's pov.

I finally passed all of my exams. I was just chilling in my room and listening to the rain. And then the thunder started. And of course Awsten texted me.

Awsten💕: y/n

Awsten💕: omg did you hear that?!?


Me: nooo I don't want you dad!

Awsten💕: hmm kinky much?

Me: I meant to write dead, oml

Awsten💕: whatever I'll be there in 5 minutes

Me: Awsten I s2g

Awsten💕: I'm here

Me: I can see you from my window

Awsten💕: I'm at the door

Awsten💕: I heard something falling

Me: I just fell down the stairs

Me: ouch

Awsten💕: omg I'm crying from laughing

Me: I can hear that...

Awsten💕: open the god damn door

I opened the door and imediently started yelling.
"Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door!" I yelled and Awsten kept laughing as he got inside.

"Boyfren I want you to meet my cat." I said and Awsten got VERY excited.
"Oh my god, oh my god!" he started and I went into my kitchen where the cat was.

I picked him up and brought him to Awsten.
"Awsten, this is Edgar, Edgar this is Awsten." I said and Awsten imediently took the cat and started to pet it.
"Ohh he's soo cute!" Awsten said and I say next to him and just smiled.

He was a black fluffy cat. And the biggest cuddler in the world.
"You know I have a cat that looks identical to him." Awsten said I chuckled.

Awsten ended up staying for the night and I completely forgot about the storm outside.
Just a quick update.

Also would you like to maybe read a Geoff × reader. Something like messaging on kik and stuff like that? Because I'm gonna write it soon.

Btw this book will have 30 or so parts and then I'll do a second one.
Hope you like it and thanks for 900 frickin reads!

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