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Awsten's pov.

Today was my 'date' with y/n. We agreed on me picking her up at 4 pm. Why so late? Because everything is prettier once it's night time. You can see all the lights and tonight the moon will be full. So I thought we could go star gazing after.

I'm not sure if I like y/n, I probably do but I'm just afraid that she'll do the same like all the girls I dated. Although Otto and Geoff keep telling me that she is different. And that is true she is. Maybe I'm just afraid of feelings.

Right now I have to get dressed. I decided to put on a grey shirt, black skinny jeans and a black jacket. And I still had 30 minutes to kill. Might as well text y/n.

Y/n's pov.

Today is the day. And I'm freaking out. I have like an hour left and I have no idea what to wear.

I decided to put on a oversized grey shirt and some skinny jeans. I straightened my hair and put a flower crown with purple and blue flowers on. Also I had a black denim jacket and some vans.

I noticed that I had 20 minutes left and Awsten texted me.

Awsten: hey, I'm ready and bored

Me: lol only 20 more minutes you can wait

Awsten: no I can't

Me: what're you wearing

Awsten: nothing ;)

Me: ha ha ha

Awsten: "hihihi"

Me: for real though

Awsten: this

Me: omg that's cute

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Me: omg that's cute

Awsten: ;)

Me: I was talking about the cat :)))

Me: but the same goes for you

Awsten: that is my child, how dare you call it "cute"

Me: °-° because I can

Awsten: no you can not

Me: what if I want to?

Awsten: you're grounded!

Me: okay mom, guess I won't be going out today...

Awsten: you're not grounded any more

Me: yay I'm bringing you a flower crown

Me: so that we can match

Awsten: yay ^-^

Me: it's almoust 4

Awsten: oh shit, have to go pick you up

Me: I'll be waiting
I have no idea what happeneed. And thanks for reading, and voting!

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