"I'm fucked because I think I love you, Lea."

         Oh my bloody mother of crap. I said, I just told...I just told Lea how I really feel. I literally just...

         Oh crap.

         I look her straight in the eyes, uncaring of the second tear that slides down my face. I need to know her response; I want to hear her say those three words back to me, but only if she means it.

         The anticipation kills me as I watch the look of shock seep into her eyes as her lips part in surprise at my confession. I'm just as surprised as she is, I didn't think I would say it so soon. 

         I feel like I need her because she's the only person that could stop me from doing something stupid right now.

         Another tear drop falls from the eye; stop crying, damn it.

         Lea moves out of her state of shock and lifts her hand to my face, letting her thumb wipe away the trail of moisture left behind by my tear. Her touch is soft and smooth, and I wonder if she feels the same way that I'm feeling. Although it's only been a few seconds since those words left my mouth, it seems like an eternity. I just want her to say something, anything. 

         "Well, I'm definitely fucked, River." She says, a small smile playing at her lips. "Because I know that I'm in love with you."

         Did she...did she just say...

         I stare at her in awe. She said it back. She feels the same way.

         And not just that, she slides her hand onto the back of my, slowly pulling me closer to her. After placing a precious kiss on my lips, she wounds both arms around my neck to pull me into a loving embrace. Following her lead, I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her up from the edge of the bed so that we're both standing, and both hugging each other as if our life depends on it.

         I never knew that loving someone else like the way I love her can not only bring you joy, but also relief and comfort in such a rough time. 

         She's so, so beautiful, and I don't even need to open my eyes to see that.

         "I love you," I utter, squeezing her tighter to me.

         "I love you." She returns, warming my heart. 

         However, we quickly have to pull away when there are few knocks on the door. The last thing I want is for Lea's mum or dad to come barging in on us. That's another issue I will need to deal with – Lea's overprotective parents. Eventually, we're going to need to tell them that Lea and I are more than friends. Just the thought of only being friends with Lea makes me feel so uncomfortable.

         Lea takes a step back to adjust her hair and clothes, but already I want her back in my arms and close to me.

         "Come in," I call to whoever is on the other side of the door.

         With a turn of the handle, the door opens, and my mother steps in, holding the phone against her ear. She wears a worried expression as she glances from Lea to me, and a look of confusion crosses over her when she realises that Lea is here in my bedroom. Nevertheless, her attention turns to me, and the confusion soon disappears when she starts to speak.

         "Ky wants to talk to you," she states, the bags under her eyes become more evident as she steps closer to me to hand me the phone.

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