A year ago

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A year ago

       It was supposed to be one of the best parties of the year. Easter break had just begun, and before people were even thinking about commencing their studies for the looming exams, they wanted to let loose. Letting loose usually meant three things; good music, good alcohol, good company. And that is what this party seemed to boast.

       Emily, with her light brown curls hanging down to her hips, which simultaneously swayed together as she walked up to the house door, was excited to wish the party planner a happy birthday. Her lips perfectly lined in red held her dazzling smile. It was a combination of her melted chocolate eyes, her shapely figure in the red outfit that showed off just the right amount of skin, her shining hair that made her resemble a Disney princess, but most importantly her confidence that made everything about her attractive.

       The men outside who saw her walk into the house had to quickly mend their broken jaws, while the men inside fell to the same injury. When she entered the house, her boyfriend was the first to call for her.

       "Em!" Nick called over the music, squeezing through the crowd to join her. Once he was close enough, she could smell the overpowering scent of alcohol from his breath. "Where have you been?"

       "The bus took a while," she smiled at him, "where's the birthday girl?"

       "Not sure, try upstairs." He offered, to which she nodded.

        "I'll be back in a bit then," she said into his ear before placing a soft kiss on his bearded cheek.

       "There's a red mark on my cheek now isn't there?" His eyes widened slightly, much to Emily's amusement. She didn't answer; she just laughed as she strode away from him and towards the stairs. Her hair trailed after her figure as she walked, glueing Nick's gaze to her back – the long thick hair was one of his favourite features about her.

       Hiking upstairs in search for the birthday girl, she wasn't expecting to find her problem leaning against a wall bordering the second-floor landing.

       "Hey," she called to Ky, diverting his attention away from the phone in his hand.

       Emily loved this boy. On multiple occasions, she tried to convince herself that it was purely platonic the love she felt for Ky, that she was not in love. However, she soon came to realise that she was, in fact, in love with two people at once – Nick and Ky. That was her problem.

       Taking a stand a few feet away from Ky, knowing that if she were to step any closer, her problem would turn into a disaster, Emily tried her best not to get flustered, or adjust her hair, or fix her clothes. Unfortunately, her brain was overridden, and she did those things anyway.

       "Hey, Em," he says, careful not to showcase too much of the nervousness he felt when he was around her. Emily couldn't resist glancing at his lips as they moved.

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