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Happy reading!

Happy reading!

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         Slowly, the doorknob turns and the door creaks open while I stand statue-still. My father peaks his head into the room, scanning it with the same surprise that I must have worn on my face when I first came in. 

         "Hey dad," I wave awkwardly at him. 

         He pushes the door open wider, "woah, this is something, isn't it?" He speaks, still enticed by the magnificence of the room. 

         "Yeah," I agree, looking up and only now realising the leafy patterns grooved into the ceiling. I wonder if that was hand-grooved? 

         "Have you managed to settle in?" He asks, now looking at me. He takes a few strides forwards to take a seat on the chair belonging to the dresser that is standing against the wall. 

         "We're only staying a night, dad. I don't think I need to settle in." 

         "Mhm..." I hear the sound of his grunt succeeded with an uneasy silence. My father and I have never been able to hold up a conversation for long. 

         "About that..." He continues, clearing his throat. "Your mother and I have decided that it'll be best to stay here while finding a new place."

         "Sorry?" I lean closer to make sure I've heard correctly.

         "We thought it'll be best if we stayed here until we find another house." He repeats.

          I'm not sure whether I should feel ecstatic that I will be living in this mansion for longer, or concerned that I'll be living with River Parker. Don't get me wrong, the family are very kind for letting up their home for us to live with them, but their son is a bit of a dick. Just a bit. 

         "How long do you think we'll stay here?" I ask, pushing the thoughts of River's remarks earlier to the back of my head. 

         "As long as it takes, a couple of weeks, or maybe a couple of months."

         Oh no.

         A couple of months. Under the same roof as the dickhead. This will be interesting. 

         "Well, what about the house? What's going to happen to our things?" I inquire but wish I didn't after I see the pained expression that my father pulls at the thought of the wreckage. 

         "I'll speak with the insurance company tomorrow, nothing for you to worry about though. Just focus on school." He replies, itching the back of his neck as he does when he's stressed out.

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