They say that when something critical happens, the human brain speeds everything up and makes you more alert. In other words, it's known as fight or flight, or adrenaline.

         But right now, everything is slowed down in my eyes, and I'm only focusing on one thing. What has happened?

         Is she dead? Did something happen to her? Where's Nick? Is he still in the room, with her?

         And my last question is instantly answered when two security guards drag Nick out of Emily's hospital room by his arms. He is resisting against their pull, pushing as hard as he can to get back into the room.

         "We need you step out of the room, please." One of the nurses instructs Nick urgently as she blocks the entrance of the wide-open hospital door. Beyond it lies Emily, surrounded by a team of medical professionals.  

         "Stop, no! Let go! Let go of me! Emily!" Nick shouts, struggling against the grip of the large security men.

         I can feel River's body tense as if every single cell of his has turned to ice. His grasp on my hand has gone completely, but that doesn't stop me from wrapping my fingers even tighter around his.

         "Don't let go of my hand." His words repeat in my head.

         Part of me thinks that he meant that sentence with a deeper meaning than just me holding his hand; I think what he meant is that he doesn't want me to leave his side, which I'll never do. 

         What's happening with Emily?

         The question digs into every inch of my brain, pleading for an answer. Did Nick do something to her?

         No, I can't imagine him purposely hurting her. 

         I'm quickly diverted from my thoughts when River's stiff body surges forward, towards Nick.

         "You son of a bitch!" River shouts at the top of his lungs. Nick's eyes dart to River's, and they widen at the sight of rage evident on his face.

Thank God I'm holding onto his hand as tightly as I am since I'm able to stop him from reaching Nick in time. Pulling at his hand forcefully, I halt him in his tracks aimed straight for Nick. He gets dragged backward towards me, allowing me enough time to step in front of him, blocking the way between him and Nick.

Conner and Ky instantly jump into action and help me restrict River from attacking Nick, both of them grabbing each of his arms to pull him away from where Nick is standing.

"River, River," I repeat his name until his gaze finally lands on mine, and is no longer focused on Nick behind me.

The amount of fury and resentment present in his once warm eyes terrifies, but that doesn't stop me from trying to calm him down. When Conner and Ky have managed to secure him within their sturdy grips, I raise both my hands to River's face, cupping his cheeks with my palms. His eyes dart back to Nick.

"Hey, hey, River, look at me. Look at me." I speak quietly, gently, until he does as I say. "You promised me, River." I say, "You promised you wouldn't do anything stupid."

Anger burns on in his eyes, and I have a feeling it's not going to fade for a while.

"Beating the crap out of that bastard wouldn't be stupid, it would be necessary." He growls heatedly, glaring at Nick. His breathing is heavy, shown by the rapid movement of his shoulders heaving up and down.

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