After having a fast shower and brushing my teeth with the toothbrush and paste that Brenda left for me in the bathroom yesterday night, I tip-toe back to the bed where the clothes lie, trying not to get the floor wet. Unfortunately, I leave a trail of water droplets that fall from the tips of my waist-length blonde hair. When it's wet, it turns a dark shade of brown and the strands stick together to make me look like a drowned rat. Yet when it's dry, the wavy strands present a mixture of chestnut brown hues with blonde highlights. I run my fingers through the wet fringe, pushing it away from my face to get a clear view of the clothes. 

         River's girlfriend has expensive taste in fashion.

         The white top is from Chanel, probably costing her a fortune despite its averageness. The skinny denim jeans seem newly bought from Armani and match the off-white trainers perfectly. As cringe-worthy as it is, seeing as I don't have any underwear of my own, my mother had to borrow a few pairs from Brenda, who reassured her they were brand new. Sighing at the situation, at how embarrassing it is to borrow underwear from someone else, I drop the towel from around my body and start to get dressed. Once I've finished, I look in the mirror of the dressing table and smile in satisfaction. Everything fits just fine and the clothes look quite nice. 

         Quickly, taking into account the time that I read from the clock hanging above the bed, I tidy the guest room, neatly folding my clothes and placing them in the wardrobe, hanging the towel back in the bathroom and making the bed to how it was yesterday. Heading towards the door, I take a deep breath, turn the golden handle, open the door, and walk across the landing towards the stairs. Climbing down, I think of what to tell Marissa about this situation. Yesterday, she knew that I would spend the night at Malcolm's house, however, she doesn't know whose dad he is.

         Should I tell her?

         When I reach the downstairs hallway, I stand a little lost in the spacious entrance, eyeing each door and corridor that trails away to another part of the house. Well, there are ten doors and three corridors. Which one leads to the kitchen or dining room? I have no idea. 

         "This way, clumsy." I only realise now that River has been walking behind me on the stairs, his steps completely silent.

         He strides past me, walking through the corridor directly behind the stairs and I hurry to keep up with his fast pace. Now that he's dressed in tailored grey trousers and a blue-stripped shirt that clings to his upper body, my eyes can't help but glue to his back, watching the way his muscles contract and relax antagonistically as he walks towards an open-plan dining room. It's the backs, boys' backs are my weakness I swear. 

        Stop staring at his back, Lea. Creep. 

        "Good morning," I smile, unwillingly tearing my eyes away from River and towards Malcolm, Brenda and my parents.

         "Morning, did you sleep well?" Brenda asks through a smile that exposes her polished, white teeth.

         "Yes, thank you," I was about to mention how I slept like a baby, but with River in the same room, I gather as little information as possible would be better. I don't want to get teased by him anymore. Especially now since I know he has a girlfriend.

         Who is she? I wonder.

         River takes a seat at the dining table, closer to his parents, and I take the last available seat beside him, closer to mine. As we simultaneously sit down, our arms brush against each other. It shouldn't be a big deal, but the stupid butterflies are setting of miniature pieces of dynamite in my stomach. I glance towards the variety of foods in the middle of the table in order to distract myself. Cereals, bread, butter, marmite, jam, orange juice, apples, bananas, and the lists go on. Untangling my intertwined fingers in my lap, I reach my hand out for an apple, only to freeze immediately when River's does the same thing. I move my hand back onto my lap instantly, sensing a heat wave overwhelming my cheeks. To my surprise, River still grabs an apple only to place it on the empty plate in front of me, before getting one for himself.

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