After River returned to his bedroom, I felt quite lost.

         It was his abnormal demeanor that mainly overthrew me. A cloud that hung gloom in his eyes indicated he is in some way hurt, or annoyed, or both. 

         Now, I possess a feeling of hopelessness, as if I'm so incredibly unhelpful, that I can't do anything to find out what was – or is – wrong with him. How many times has he helped me? More than enough times, and I can't simply return the favor?

         I stand on the balcony with my sight stuck to River's glass balcony doors that are now firmly shut, with white curtains drawn over them from inside, blinding my view of his bedroom. A couple of minutes must have passed, and I'm still standing here, rigid and unmoving.

         Move, Lea. Go back into the bedroom, go downstairs, just do something instead of standing here like a freak.

         So, reluctantly, I attempt to move my rooted legs and turn to head back into the guest room. However, that move doesn't go as well as I plan.

         I end up walking straight into the closed balcony doors, banging my nose, and then my forehead against the hard, cold glass. I gasp from the pain that sores through my face. Then, I whimper like a dog.

         I stand back from the doors in fear of them as if they are dangerous. As I do so, my hand goes straight to my face to examine the damage that my clumsiness has caused.

         Two bruises on your face so far – way to go, Lea.

         I furrow my eyebrows when the pain shoots again, wounding me to the point where I swear under my breath.

         "What the fuck happened now?" A very familiar voice calls, and I glance to my left, praying with everything in me that it's not him.

         Who the hell am I kidding?

         "I..." I instantly drop my hand from my injured face, hoping that whatever mark that may be on my nose and forehead isn't too noticeable. "I..." I glance nervously towards the balcony doors, then back at River. "I..."

         "You what?" He asks, staring at me as if I've grown another head out of my neck.

         "Doesn't...doesn't matter." I swallow, looking away from him.

         "Well, I heard a pretty loud noise..." His voice trails off as his eyes move from me to my balcony doors, raising his brows in suspicion. 

         "It wasn't anything." I lie, scratching my forehead with annoyance.

         If River weren't here, I would punch the door right now. 

        After a few moments of silence clogging the air between us, I make my attempt to leave. So, I hesitantly approach the balcony doors, reaching for the handle. 

         "Wait!" He calls after me. My legs stop moving.

         He looks at me for a few seconds, the look he wears completely impassive, with blank eyes and slightly pursed lips. After gazing away from me to look at his back garden instead, he clears his throat. 

"Uhm...dinner's ready." He says, glimpsing at me once more before disappearing into his room. Slowly, the door closes behind him for the second time, leaving me on my own.

         He was going to say something. He was going to tell me something.

         Why did he change his mind?

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