He stands only inches away from me. With the simplest of movements, his legs brush across mine, which are dangling off the countertop. The heat radiating from his body makes me shiver. He is that close to me, and he chooses to be this close to me, out of all the space available in this grand kitchen. My heart jolts within my chest; it's beating so rapidly that the increase in my breathing rate is inevitable.

         He isn't going to make a move.

         He might make a move.

         The area that River held as he picked me up by my waist still burns as if his hands left behind an infinite fire when they touched me. Studying him, I can see that he too is blushing as intensely as me and that his breathing is malfunctioning in the same way that mine is. He feels it too.

         He's going to make a move.

         No. He can't. He has a girlfriend, and the last thing I want to be is a homewrecker, I can't do that another person. No bloody way. So, reluctantly, I bow my head to face away from him, looking at my plastered finger that nestles is nestled in my lap.

         "I wanna get down now," I say, attempting to be reticent.

         Nevertheless, you can tell, by my shaking voice and the added warmth collecting in my cheeks, that I am nervous as hell. River moves away from me, leaning against the countertop behind him and allowing me space to jump down to the black and white checkered floor. He, too, faces away, dipping his head to the floor. Is he embarrassed? Or is he annoyed?

         Opening my mouth, ready to speak to a very quiet River who is now itching the back of his head, making his bicep bulge against the hem of his white t-shirt, my lips seal shut when I hear a rattling from the patio door to my right. River and I both look surprised in the door's direction, spotting two figures standing on the other side of the tinted glass. Luckily they can't see inside.

         Jake and Ky.

         Pushing his weight off of the counter behind him, River strides towards the patio door. Oblivious to River approaching the door, Jake raises his fist to knock again only to pause in his actions when River opens the door, a confused look appearing on his face.

         "What are you doing here?" River asks them both, eyebrows knotted together.

         "Sorry to intrude, bro," Jake starts. "The key to the wood house wasn't under the mat, so we came here instead. Who's got your pants in a twist?" And just as he asks River the question, his eyes avert to meet mine, and his confusion subsides.

         "Are we interrupting something?" Ky inputs, his head peeking into the kitchen to face in my direction. "Jake, I think we should go." 

         "No." River says automatically. "You can stay, and no, you're not interrupting anything. Lea and I were just cooking lunch, you guys can help." He sighs, widening the door even more, in order for them to walk through.

         "Hi Lea, how you liking staying in the same house as River?" Jake walks smugly forwards, crossing his brawny arms over his chest and standing a little too close for comfort. 

    "It's alright," I reply, peeking in River's direction to see his reaction, and he sure looks irritated. Ky shuts the patio door behind him and marches towards Jake, shoving him away from me – finally allowing me my personal space. I let out a grateful sigh.    

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