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I've updated twice today, so if you haven't already, be sure to read the update before this one, named 'epilogue'. 

If you have any other questions other than the ones below, feel free to ask here by commenting on this line!

Right, my lovelies, let the questioning begin. 

1) What are your writing plans for the future?

As of now (September 2017), I will be focussing on my other book 'The Boxer and I' (TBAI). It's Jake and Flo's story. Although it is a continuation of 'Mr. Popular and I' (MPAI), it can be read as a standalone story. You will see a few appearances of River and Lea and the rest of the characters from this book, but it does NOT focus on them, rather TBAI's main focus is on Jake and Flo. TBAI's storyline starts where MPAI left off, so in the summer before their last year of school.

2) Will there be a book about Ky?

I plan to write a book about Ky, but I'm still in the early stages of planning and my main focus right now is TBAI. However, I know I want to tell his story because it's much deeper than what you all think wink nudge. Ky's story is complicated, and I would love to tell it one day soon.

3) Does Ky end up with Marissa?

As you've read from the epilogue, Ky eventually does talk it out with Marissa, but you don't know if they will end up together or not. The only way to find out is if I write a book about him, which is very likely wink.

4) What inspired you to write 'Mr. Popular and I'?

I was inspired by a kdrama called 'Playful Kiss'; I loved the idea of a girl moving in with the boy's family and I wanted to write my own version of the story. I also wanted to write something that I knew I would love to read myself – that had a lot to do with the writing style (some books have big chunky paragraphs and I hate reading big chunky paragraphs), and with the plot (I wanted drama, because your girl is a drama queen, and at the time I couldn't find many romantic books that were dramatic, so I wrote my own, but now I realise that MPAI isn't that dramatic lol).

5) Where do you get the whole idea of the story from?

I get my ideas from two places: a) real life experience, b) reading/watching other people's work. Now let me expand on b, because I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I DO NOT copy any work, that is plagiarism and that is NOT COOL. DON'T DO IT. However, especially during writer's block, I read books to feel inspired. Usually, when I read a good book, ideas just arise out of nowhere and I'm like 'woah, omg, my brain just did something cool' and I write it down, bobs your uncle. There is a difference between being inspired and copying, DO NOT do the latter. Idea hunting is hard, but you'll eventually get there. Read lots, watch lots, you'll get your creative juices flowing (don't come at me dirty minded people, I know you're there, I see you in the comments, you need holy water). 

6) How do you plan your characters?

This is easier said than done. I find that if you don't like a character (especially if it's the main character), the book is not only going to be hard to write but also hard for readers to read. I had this problem in MPAI to be honest, I loved River's characters, but Lea needed some work. There was just something not clicking with her and it made it hard to write in her point of view.

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