Whaaaaaa? Another chapter. Hell yes.

 Hell yes

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         After greeting everyone in the room, he then looks towards me. Almonst instantly, his smile weakens a little as a look of slight confusion surfaces on his curious face. It looks like he's trying to work something out. After a moment of contemplation, I get it, as if a light bulb has suddenly been switched on in my brain.

        He's probably trying to put a name to your face and can't remember, even though he shares the same English class as you.

        I know I'm not popular, but I didn't realise that I'm literally that invisible. 

        As he eyes me for a few seconds too long, I can feel the warming of my cheeks under his gaze. It's a bad reflex of mine, it doesn't take much to make me blush the shade of a tomato and I'm so peeved because I can't help it. Thankfully, his eyes turn away to my parents. 

         "It's a pleasure to meet you," he nods respectfully towards them. "But I'm kind of tired, so I'm going to bed, have a lovely night," He says, to my relief. At least if he isn't in the room, I won't be so tense.

         River pushes himself off of the cream couch, which bounces back to its original shape. As he walks towards the living room door, he pushes a few stray strands of hair back from his forehead to rejoin his thick head of hair, the shade of which can only be described as a dark melted gold. Part of me is glad that he's leaving, the other part is pretty bummed. I can't come to terms with how one person could be as gorgeous as he is.

         "River, could you please take Lea to the guestroom on your way?" Brenda calls after him, halting him in his steps. 

         Oh, crap. 

         My eyes quickly find Brenda, hoping that she can read through them how much I really don't want him to take me to the guestroom. But, instead of catching the sight my pleading eyes, she's expectantly looking at River for his response. 

         "Sure," he says, to my dismay, averting his gaze to meet mine. 

         Okay, Lea, think of him naked.

         Wait, what moron came up with the idea that believing someone is naked will calm your nerves? I shake the thought from my head – I definitely do not want to see River naked. With an anxious laugh, I push myself off of the sofa too.

With a 'goodnight' aimed at my parents and the Parker's, I walk towards River. Yet, of course, you should know, that it's not me if something stupid doesn't happen. The poor, typical Lea trips over the edge of the rug and dives forward in a way that may be mistaken as a Superman act. One arm outstretched in front of me, and one behind, in a weak hope of steadying myself. Luckily, I manage to stop myself just in time from crashing into River's chest; our bodies now only separated by a few centimeters.

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