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       After hiking the streets for ten minutes, I eventually arrive at school just before the bell rings. I rush towards the senior corridors that are trafficked with students huddling around their lockers, getting books out for the day of lessons to come. Thankfully, the girl I need the most is waiting patiently by my tall, blue locker, looking down at her phone as I approach her.

       "Hey Marissa," I call, slightly out breath from the number of stairs I've had to climb.

       Her head shoots up to face mine and she looks at me with inquisitive eyes, probably wondering what happened to me yesterday after she left. Entering the code into my lock, the locker clicks open. Inside sit most of my books and my pencil case, which I luckily didn't take home last night. What catches my eye, however, is a small folded note in the corner; it was probably threaded through the gaps of the locker door.

       "Hey, how are you?" She asks, concerned.

       "Well, apart from being homeless, I'm okay," I offer her my best forced smile as I reach for the note.

       She leans back onto the locker behind her, "I know, I'm so sorry, it must suck. If you need anything though, I'm here."

       My forced smile turns genuine, "naw, don't get all mushy on me. It's fine, don't worry about me." I wave dismissively as if it's not a big deal, but the issue is constantly circling in my mind.

       Where are we going to live after we've outdone our stay at the Parker's? Where are we going to get money from? How long is it going to take before some sort of normalcy comes back into our lives? Jabbing those questions to the back of my mind, I look down to inspect the contents of this small piece of crumpled paper. In messy handwriting is a message, which reads:

Hey, Lea. Come to my party tonight? Starts at 8pm.

16, Widow Drive, Brentary.

You can invite as many friends as you like

- Nick Convey

       Well then, these past twenty-four hours have been strange, but I didn't think it would reach this amount of strange. The only way I could describe Nick Convey is the all around golden boy - he has the looks, along with the charisma, and is very athletic. I don't think there's a single succesful sports team in this school that doesn't brag of having him on board. 

       What is strange about this situation is that I don't really know him. If I remember correctly, a few years ago we were lab partners for a semester, but he didn't speak much and I definitely didn't open any conversation that wasn't chemistry-related. So why would he all of a sudden invite me?

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