Chapter Eight - Party Rockers...Or Not

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         You shouldn't blame me for being a tad confused here. Wasn't he the one who told me to keep my mouth shut in that car this morning? And now he's here? Maybe I'm being petty but it's not every day that River comes to talk to me. Obviously, Marissa is going to think something is up. I skeptically eye his hand, making his grin brighten. 

       "Oh, so now you're playing hard to get and won't let me help you up?" He chuckles, raising his eyebrows.

         "I'm not playing anything, dickhead." I bite back, taking his hand in my attempt of getting up from the floor. 

       Lesson number one Lea: never trust a boy. His grip on my hand loosens for a fraction of a second, causing me to suffer a mini heart attack when I almost fall back to the ground. He instantly bursts into laughter, probably from the expression of shock that passes over my face when I realise his cruel trick. Luckily, his grip tightens just before I land for the second time on my coccyx, and this time he pulls me until I'm upright and standing on both feet. 

        "Remind me to never let you help me again," I narrow my eyes at him, but he's still too busy laughing.

         "Wait..." Marissa's voice inputs behind us, making me turn to her. "Did you just offer your hand to help Lea..." She points at River, her eyes now focused on a certain area on the ground in front of her as she thinks of what to say next. "And did you just call him a dickhead?" She points at me, furrowing her eyebrows. It's safe to say that she's very, very confused right now. 

         "Yes." River and I reply simultaneously.

         We glance at each other, a look of disgrace on my face and a look of amusement on his, and then turn back to Marissa who is still trying to figure something out in her head.

         "I'm sorry, I might be completely stupid, but am I missing something?" She waves her hands around in the air as she speaks; now looking at both of us in turn. "Because, the last time I checked, I don't think you guys exactly..." She pauses to find a good explanation, "know each other." 

         "You haven't told her?" He turns to me. 

         "You told me not to, remember?" I reply sharply.

         "But, I didn't realize you were going to listen to me."

         "Hello?" Marissa calls, now shaking her hands vigorously in the air.

         I sigh, turning to Marissa. "Remember that guy, Malcolm, yesterday night?" I ask her and continue speaking when she nods in remembrance. "Well, he's River's dad..." Once I reveal the 'big secret' to her, her jaw drops. 

         Her index finger is straightened and pointed directly at me. "So you' with him." The finger hesitantly moves towards River.

         River and I both nod.

         In a matter of seconds, her hands clamp against her mouth in shock and amazement. There goes her dramatic reaction, why in the world did she drop theatre class last year?

         "Yeah, big hoo ha. Now lets go." I tell Marissa whilst rounding the bonnet of the car and opening the passenger door.

         "Wait!" River calls, following me around the car bonnet.

         By the time he reaches me, I'm already comfortably sat in the passenger seat, about to shut the car door, but he pulls it open before I can close it. My eyes spot his toned biceps through the reasonably tight shirt he's wearing, and a shiver runs through me.

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