"I like you." I let the words fall out of my mouth, having contemplated saying it a million times over dinner.

         They're out in the open now for her to hear. Once she's fully processed it, shock glazes over her eyes and her lips part in surprise.

         I want to kiss her again; the sight of her tempting lips isn't helping the urge either. But I can't. I'm still in a relationship with Georgia, and until I've sorted things out with her, I can't kiss Lea again.

         I swallow anxiously, searching her eyes for any sign of her saying it back. But all I find is a significant amount of shock mixed with even more disbelief.

        For the second time, after moments of silence exchanged between Lea and me, the door of the kitchen opens once again. But instead of my smirking mother appearing in the doorway, it's Jake and Ky.

         "Uh...Lea, your mum wants to speak to you," Jake pronounces awkwardly, looking between Lea and me with questioning eyes.

         "Uhm, okay." She says, the blush spreading from the apples of her cheeks to cover most of her face.

         I love it when she blushes.

         Reluctantly, I take a step back, allowing her more room to move around my body and walk towards the boys. Simultaneously, then both step away from the door, letting her exit. When she's out of sight, Ky swings the door shut. A clicking noise sounds once it locks itself to the doorframe.

         Subsequently, as if they are going to kill me, they both approach me slowly. Taking slow steps towards the kitchen island, which I'm currently leaning against, Ky opens his mouth.

         "Dude, you need to figure things out." He states, sighing.

         "Ky's right, you can't keep playing like this. I'm not the one to talk, but I haven't been in a serious relationship." Jake inputs.

         "I know," I heave a sigh.

         Keeping his intent watch on me, Ky asks, "what are you going to do?" 

         Running a hand through my hair out of habit, I respond with something that even I'm surprised with. "I'm going to break up with Georgia."

         There is a weird quietness that lingers between us for a few moments, deafening us.

         "Are you sure?" Ky inquires, shocked.

         I nod my head. "Promise or no promise, I can't stay with Georgia if I don't like her in that way anymore. I can't keep forcing myself to do that." I finalise, for them and for myself.

         "River, it was a pretty big promise," Ky says.

         "And sometimes people have to break them," I reply.

         Ky just looks at me for a good few seconds, eyeing me closely to see whether I'm bluffing.

         "Ky, stare at me all you want, but I can't keep going out with Georgia. She doesn't make me happy at all." His intense stare breaks as I speak.

         "Well, you used to like her." Jake inputs.

         "Yeah, enough to get her pregnant." Ky backs Jake up, and his little reminder stabs at my chest.

         "Yeah, thanks for bringing that up." I hiss, annoyed.

         "Bro, you know I just don't want you to make the wrong decision." He says, narrowing his eyes.

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