Hesitantly, I step out of the car; trying to be as discreet as I can and draw as little attention to myself as humanly possible. River and Georgia are engaging in a stare off right now. Just watching them stare each other down is making me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Has she guessed? Does she know? Do bitches know when their boyfriends have cheated on them? Can they smell it?

"What's going on here?" She asks, her eyes now dart towards me.

I do my best to adjust myself, flattening out my – more like Georgia's – creased shirt. Oh shit, Georgia's shirt.

"Wait...Are those...My clothes?" She says, her tone repulsed that I'm wearing them. Carefully, she scans my outfit; a venomous glare cuts every inch of my skin as she does so. "They are aren't they?"

In response, I open my mouth and want to speak, but what do I say to her? I have nothing to say to her.

'Yes, Georgia, these are your clothes that River gave me because all I had to wear were my rabbit-print pajamas, sorry. Oh, and also, I just kissed your boyfriend – see ya!' Yeah, that is never going to happen.

"Are you two like mute or something? Speak!" She finally screeches after several moments of silence.

I don't know what to say; I don't know what to say.

"Yes, those are your clothes, Lea had nothing else to wear, so I gave her your clothes." River speaks, anticipating what she has to say next.

"I knew they looked familiar! You wore them to school on Friday, didn't you? You little..." Georgia steps forward, her face crinkled in disgust as she glares at me. Baring all her teeth in a very unappealing way, I now know what a girl looks like when she's imitating a grizzly bear.

What makes this so funny in the most nerve-wracking way, is the fact that she's this angry over her clothes. I wonder what her anger levels would be like if she discovered that I kissed her boyfriend.

"Hey, woah! woah!" River steps between Georgia and I, restricting Georgia's movements towards me – and thank God because I do not want to get into a catfight. 

"What? Why are you defending that?" She snarls at me – attractive (not). "She's wearing my clothes!"

Oh yay, I have a new nickname: 'that'.

"Because you're being unreasonable, she needed clothes and yours were the only ones that fitted her!" River retaliates, staring her down again.

She sighs, glowering at River and me. "Whatever..." She mutters under her breath.

I swear, if looks could kill, I'd be six feet under right now.

"Why is she still here?" She asks River, but without waiting for a response, she turns to me. "Don't you have a house to go back to?" She questions rudely.

"Not unless it's been rebuilt over night," I reply wittily, which I definitely shouldn't have done.

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" She snarls once again and dodges around River to take a few quick steps closer to me.

"Oi! Georgia, would you calm down." River grabs her by her waist, and drags her back to where she originally was.

Due to Rivers height and broad physique, I can't see Georgia behind him anymore, so I take slow and steady steps, nearing the front door of the house. I'm attempting my escape now before she kills me.

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