Hey girl, hey! It's Indaaaaay!

Hey girl, hey! It's Indaaaaay!

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         "Yes, my house got destroyed by termites," I say, making Jake double over on the sofa in fits of laughter, which echo throughout the house.

          I explained the story as to how River and I now live under the same roof, then had to explain it all over again when Ky came back from driving Georgia home. Each time I mentioned the 'termite situation'  - as Jake likes to describe it through his loud laugh – he burst into another fit of laughter.

         "I'm sorry to hear about that, Lea," Ky sympathises, trying to keep the straightest face he can pull. However, you can tell by the creases around his lips and the squinting of his eyes that he's trying, and failing, to suppress his amusement. "Stop laughing, dude." Ky turns to Jake, but I think he's trying to tell himself that as well.

         Although the situation is bad, real bad, I can't help but smile along with them. I mean it is quite odd, termites of all things. 

         "I'm sorry, but you don't hear of termite attacks destroying your home every day. C'mon, it's funny!" Jake rubs at his face that still holds the brightest smile I've seen tonight.

         Out of the corner of my eye, I see River fidget in his seat and I twist my head in his direction. He too has a smile dancing on his lips, as amused as Jake and Ky are at the story.

         "You find it funny too?" I ask.

         "Like he said, it's a bit random don't you think?" River grins back at me. He runs his fingers through his messily brushed hair to adjust the stray hairs that land on his forehead and obstruct his vision. His sweet chocolate eyes are hard to turn your gaze away from.

         How are people this good-looking I don't get it?

         It's not just River who is utterly gorgeous, all three of these boys are painfully striking. And they definitely must work out, I mean just look at those biceps.

         Then there's me.

         Insert swear word here.

         Lea, put your tongue back into your mouth and stop dribbling.

         "So now you're living in the guestroom?" Ky asks, still taking in the masses of information that I've tossed at him within a short five minutes.

         "Yeah," I nod. River fidgets in his seat again, this time, his body scoots a little closer to mine.

         "Why not live here?" Jake asks, fully recovered from his laugh attack. "I mean the place is empty apart from the time we use it." He looks around at the homely living room.

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