After leaving a small trail of kisses across her cheek, I left Lea to get changed and comfortable for the dinner we'd already booked in advance. It was a beautiful evening, with freshly made sushi and noodles. The restaurant itself is one of my favourites, and from the look that Lea had on her face, I think she liked it too.

         There's a good feeling that comes with making someone else happy.

         We then returned to the hotel and parted our separate ways to go to our rooms. Of course, I said goodnight to Lea, and she returned it with a kiss on my cheek. However, as I lie down here on this extravagant bed, with my hands tucked under my head, staring at the blank ceiling above, I can't help but dwell on the fact that Lea's room is only one down from mine.

         I've already contemplated twice whether or not to go to her room. I don't necessarily want to do anything, I just to chat with her, or be around her. Even though it's rough on my part, I don't think Lea is ready to be intimate just yet, and I'll never force her into anything. 

         I sigh through 'o' shaped lips.

         Are you going to man-up and go and knock on her door, or just stress out here?

         She might already be asleep by now.

         You'll never know until you knock on her door.

         After a moment's consideration, I pull myself up into a sitting position.

         You're never going to get a lot of alone time with her when you go back home, so you might as well get all you need now.

          I think the voice in the back of my head is winning this.

         I swing my legs over the side of the bed, balancing the soles of my feet on the floor as I stand up and squint my eyes to see my way through the darkness. Reaching my suitcase, I rummage through the clothes, picking up a pair of baggy jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt since I'm only wearing my boxers at the moment - I don't think Lea would be too happy with my half-naked body if she opens her door.

         Or she might, you never know.

         River, for one moment, stop being such a boy and control your testosterone.

         After dressing appropriately, I carefully make my way to the door, feeling my way through the room; meanwhile, my eyes adjust to the darkness. I finally reach the handle of the door, blindly tugging at it until a 'click' noise sounds, and it swings towards me.

         The hotel corridor is much brighter than my room, but it's still pretty dark. Keeping my hotel door open an inch - just in case Lea is asleep and doesn't open her door - I take the few strides to her room. Taking a deep breath, I raise my hand, which is curled into a fist, and attempt to knock on the door.

         I don't think she's going to be very happy about this; I don't want to rush things.

         You only want to chat with her; it's not like you're going to do anything. Just knock, idiot.

         And that does it; I knock lightly three times and wait impatiently.

         It's quiet for a good awkward minute. I itch the back of my neck, fiddle with the ends of my t-shirt, pace around in a circle outside her door for what feels like an eternity. And still, nothing.

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