Georgia, my girlfriend. 

       It used to feel a lot smoother on my tongue when I would say it. Now, it's a little hard to pronounce, a little tough to taste. Georgia and I have been together for a long three years. We were not much older than fourteen when we started dating, yet we had a good relationship. Now, not so much. 

       Glimpsing at Lea, I can't help but feel a little annoyed. She could've just said she was going to Nick's party instead of lying. The confusing thing is, I'm not entirely sure why I was worried about her in particular. There were plenty of other girls that attended Nick's party, why only warn her?

         In the car, when I brought to light her hard-to-get persona, she seemed quite taken aback, as if I had caught her red-handed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Lea likes someone, but who can it be?

         Nick? Nick...Fuck, it's probably Nick.

         "Hi, Lea Wilson, right?" Georgia edges past Jake and outstretches her hand towards Lea.

         Lea is hesitant, but replies as she shakes Georgia's hand. "Yeah..."

         "Nick's girl," Georgia assumes, nodding her head. There is a glint in her eyes, maybe of jealousy?

         "I'm not Nick's girl," Lea says, simultaneously with me.

         "She's not Nick's girl," I state sternly, at the same time as Lea.

         Both Lea and Georgia's eyes flick to me in surprise.

         "Well," Georgia sighs, changing the subject. "How was the party, you did go didn't you?" She questions her.

         "Let's not talk about the party." I input.

         "Yes, let's not, otherwise River might lose his balls again," Jake says, and I give him my evilest glare.

      "That bad?" Georgia's eyebrows knot together; she's still staring at Lea who is stood quietly between us.

         "Uhm..." She mumbles.

      "Yes, that bad. Can we go inside?" I insist, pushing Jake into the large living room, leaving Georgia and Lea behind in the doorway. We both glance back at the girls who are following us inside; I halt dead in my tracks when Georgia mutters something to Lea.

         "If you haven't already realized, River hates Nick, and vice versa. They don't get along, one bit." Georgia says. "You would think they'd be best friends, right?"

         "Would you drop it, there's nothing wrong between Nick and me," I interrupt Georgia before she can speak any further.

         "Defensive much?" She raises her eyebrows knowingly at me.

         "Drop it," I warn again, squinting my eyes at her.

         "How come you hate? If you don't mind me asking," Lea's delicate voice breaks the tension between Georgia and me. My eyes move to find hers.

         "I don't hate him..." The lie trails off my tongue, and I decide to change the subject before Lea can suspect anything. My problem isn't her problem, or anyone else's. Clearing my throat, I turn to Georgia. "How did you find this place?"

         "When your mum came back home, I told her you disappeared, and she said you might be here," Georgia explains, making me sigh. Of course my mother would spill. "Why is this place a secret anyway?" Her eyes scan the spacious living room, which is the first room you see when you enter through the door.

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