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Mike was jealous. Not a little bit, but a lot. For weeks El had been talking about this new friend, Jackson. They had History, Gym and Biology together and by the way El talked about him, he may as well be replacing Max as her best friend. El was oblivious to the fact Jackson liked her. She didn't understand the concept of flirting, and thought Jackson was just being friendly when he complimented her, since the boys did it all the time. Dustin could write a 20 page essay about how much he loved her curly hair and her laugh. Everyone in their grade knew she was with Mike, since they had been together since the end of Middle School, and that was the longest anyone their age had been together. On the surface, Jackson was a nice guy, but, all he really wanted, was El.

Mike's jealously finally bubbled to the surface one Tuesday morning. On Tuesdays El had Gym first period, so she would wait for Jackson outside school. Mike always made everyone else wait too. This particular morning, they were all in deep discussion about cat people and dog people (Dustin and El being cat people and Lucas and Max being dog people. Will and Mike wisely chose to be indifferent) when they heard a shout from behind them "Hey brown eyes!"
El turned around and laughed, running over to Jackson, quickly hugging him. Mike felt like he was on fire watching as the two walked back to them. "Hey, you okay?" Will asked, patting Mike's shoulder. He nodded and looked down, trying to hide his burning face. "I gotta go to the bathroom" He said quickly, before rushing off.

About a minute after he left, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Max all had to run off. They were in a trial class for higher math and they had to start 15 minutes early. They said goodbye to El and Jackson and ran off. Jackson smirked. This was his golden opportunity. He turned to El, smirk still on his face. "So El" he started, moving closer to her. She was growing steadily uncomfortable, sensing something was wrong. "You and Mike have been together for a whole huh?" El stepped back a bit, wanting the distance. She wondered where the hell Mike was. "Uh yeah" She said quietly. He was acting completely differently to the Jackson she thought she knew. He reached up and ran his finger along her jawline. "Well, I think it's about time for a change, wouldn't you say?" El flinched, stepping back further. "Look Jackson, I don't know what the hell you think you're doing but get off! I'm with Mike" she exclaimed, growing more confident as she shoved him off. "Ooo feisty" Jackson smirked.

Mike was coming out of the bathroom when he saw Jackson getting close to El. He was practically breathing fire. Seeing him touch her jaw like that made him more furious than he's ever been. He marched over, tapping Jackson on the shoulder. "Listen, I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, but stay away from my girlfriend" He demanded. He was way taller than Jackson and although he wasn't exactly threatening, he did have the upper hand. Mike looked over at El. She looked furious. "Look Mike, El needs a change. She's been dating you for what? Eight months? She's probably dying for a break" Mike grew even more furious. "You know, she's standing right behind you. Ask her yourself." He said as he crossed his arms. Jackson just rolled his eyes and turned to El, raising an eyebrow. She was even more furious than Mike. She couldn't believe that she ever trusted someone who was such a mouth-breather. She lowered her head, focusing. Suddenly, Jackson's face turned red, as he realised. He was pissing himself. Mike smiled triumphantly, looking at his girlfriend with pride. She beamed at him as he walked over to her and kissed her. Mike then walked over to Jackson and slapped him (this earned him detention for the rest of the week. It was totally worth it) "Think before you speak next time, asshole" He said before walking away, El on his arm.

Later that afternoon (after Mike had done detention for that day) he and El sat in the living room of her and Hopper's house, watching the TV. She as staring up at her boyfriend. Mike noticed this. "Like what you see?" he asked cockily, scooting closer to her. "Totally" She replied before kissing him. He smiled against her lips and deepened it. "Woahhhh" someone exclaimed from behind them. They jumped apart and looking around, seeing Hopper standing in the doorway. "Definitely not what I though I'd be walking into when I got home" he exclaimed whilst taking off his boots. Despite his face growing steadily redder, Mike said confidently "Your daughter was totally badass today" Hopper chuckled at this. "Isn't she always?"

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