They Love Each Other

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Hopper quickly noticed that there was something more between El and Mike. He obviously knew that she cared for him as she begged him everyday for a year to contact him, and when Mike tried to fight him after finding out he knew her location it was obvious that El was the most important thing in his life. Hopper would watch when his daughter's face would light up at any mention of her boyfriend, how when they were together, neither of them could wipe the smiles off their faces. How after every time she saw him she would fall asleep that night with a smile on her face and how every time he stayed for dinner he made El laugh so much she could never finish a meal, how whenever they were together neither could keep their eyes off of each other, how Mike could soothe her like no one else could. He would wrap his arms around her and suddenly it seemed as if everything El was dealing with melted away at his touch. And how ever since they reunited, El was happy. All the time. Hopper soon realised, despite how much he tried to fight it, that the two were in love, despite just being a couple of 14 year olds.

Hopper arrived home one night very late. He called El and told her he was going to be home late but he still felt bad. It was nearing 2am and he had just got home when he heard muffled cries from the room next to him. He got up hurriedly and went to comfort El. Her door was slightly ajar so he peeped in. He could see El sitting on her bed, tear stricken. He was about to walk in when she picked up her bedside phone. (She and Mike had both recently gotten phones in their rooms and all they ever seemed to do was talk to each other on them) "Mike? I need you" she choked out, wiping her face. Hopper heard Mike say "I'll be right there okay? Just hold on a little longer" and with that she put down the phone and sat, legs crossed, waiting. Hopper waited too.

10 minutes later there was frantic tapping on her window. Hopper quickly hid himself from view as the lanky freckled boy clambered through his daughter's window. He immediately wrapped her in a hug, not bothering to take off his coat. Hopper quietly sighed. Mike really did take care of her. He watched as he pulled away and cupped her face, wiping her tears away. He leaned his forehead against hers and swayed her back and forth until her cries subsided. He then sat down on her bed and she quickly joined him, curling up in his lap and resting her head in the crook of his neck whilst he held her. "I'm right here, and I love you. I'm not going anywhere, not ever" He whispered to her over and again. "I love you so much" she answered back, leaning up to kiss him. Hopper sighed again from his position in the hall. He didn't realise they were saying those three words to each other. He shook his head and went back to his room, knowing El was well taken care of.

The next morning when Hopper peeked his head round El's door he saw her and Mike snuggled up together, her with her legs wrapped around his waist whilst he held her tightly. He smiled slightly at the sight and went to make breakfast.

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