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El burst through the Wheeler's basement door, interrupting the boy's D&D campaign. She rushed over to her boyfriend, tears streaming down her face. He quickly grabbed her, embracing her tightly while she just sobbed. Dustin, Lucas and Will looked on worriedly, having no clue what was going on. Her sobs were shaking her whole body and all of them were worried. "El?" Mike asked timidly, still holding her tightly. "El, baby whats wrong? Talk to me" he said softly, pulling away to look at his girlfriends heartbroken face. She just shook her head and continued crying.

"El?" Dustin asked as he approached her. She was now sitting on Mike's chair, Mike kneeling beside her with his arm around her shoulders. "El c'mon, talk to us" he said softly as Lucas and Will approached her too. The four boys all looked at her, concerned for the girl they all loved dearly. She was about to speak when the basement door burst open again, Max barging in this time. She rushed over too. "El, hey. I got your call. It's gonna be okay. We all love you and we're here, we always will be." she exclaimed as she hugged her best friend. "Max, what is going on?!" Mike asked, he was now very concerned, he couldn't stand to see the girl he loved so much in this much pain. "She was just at the hospital with Joyce and Hopper. Hop's got cancer" She said as El continued to sob. "Oh my god" Will exclaimed, while Dustin and Lucas looked at each other in shock. Mike just reached out. He cupped her face, him now crying too. At his touch she crawled off the chair and into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck as he hugged her tightly. She just cried and cried.

The others watched as El started to calm down. It never failed to amaze them the effect Mike had on her. No matter what she was going through, somehow he managed to soothe her and calm her down. Mike lent out as her sobs subsided and wiped her tears away. Despite him knowing his friends were watching his kissed her. Passionately. She kissed back and then pulled away, hugging him again. Mike looked up at his friends. "Do guys mind if we finish playing tomorrow?" he asked. "Of course not" Lucas said as he and the others got up to leave, all of them hugging El before they left.

Mike and El sat together for hours. He just held her while she cried quietly. "Its okay babes. I'm right here. I'll never leave your side. I'm right here. I love you, so much" he whispered. He knew he was going to support her through every step of the way. And when night came, he supported her as she went home, and saw Hopper. And when seeing him opened the floodgates and the tears poured out he supported her. He supported her when Hopper got too sick to walk or do anything. He supported her through every heartbreak this new challenge presented.

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