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"So Elevennnnn" Max and Nancy taunt as they sit down on the couch beside her. Girls nights have become their thing and Nancy is happy to play life coach to the two girls she considers her little sisters.

"Yes?" El asks sarcastically as she looks at them practically bursting from excitement to ask her how last night was. (El had quickly picked up sarcasm and quick wit from Lucas and Max) "Tell us!" Max practically squeals from her side of the couch. She had never been much for romance, but Mike and Eleven's love was so pure and real she couldn't help but love it too.

"Yeah El! Tell us all the juicy details!" Nancy exclaims as Sixteen Candles starts to play on the TV in front of them. "Whatever you're thinking stop!" El squeals "Nothing happened we just.... cuddled and enjoyed each others presence" she looks down. "El, you are a horrible liar. Stop excluding details and tell us!" Max practically yells. She and Nancy scoot closer and stare at Eleven, their eyes boggling out of their heads.

"Alright alright! Well... we danced. To Every Breath You Take" El says quietly, her cheeks blushing pink. "Your song!" Nancy squeals as she clutches her hands to her chest. "And then what?!" Max yells scooting even closer to Eleven. El laughs and tucks her hair behind her ears. Her cheeks begin to blush darker as she starts fiddling with the bracelet on her wrist that Mike gave her for Christmas. She runs her fingers over the words 'Mike and El' that are engraved onto the smooth silver. "He told me something" she practically whispers. Max and Nancy both start hyperventilating, practically jumping up and down.

"He told me he loves me" she states simply, as if its the most mundane thing you could ever say to someone. Max and Nancy's mouths drop open in shock. They had expected him to tell her how much he cares for her, but him saying those three words is a bigger thing than either of them could have imagined. The sit down in silence, still in shock. After about a minute of silence Nancy asks "what did you say?" "I told him I love him too. Because I do. So much. More than any words could ever express." she exclaims, more confident now. Max and Nancy stare at her for a minute before they abrupt in squeals, so happy for their friend.

After they settle down they turn their attention to the movie, and every so often they turn to each other and silently squeal, none of them over the news quite yet. Nancy sits in the middle, still processing that her baby brother just told a girl he loves her. She couldn't be happier. El is the sweetest, and most amazing girl she's met. It was that moment when Nancy first realised that her brother had found his soulmate. She smiles slightly, so happy for the couple and so glad they both found the happiness and love they need in each other.

Towards the end of Sixteen Candles, the front door bangs open and 4 boys stumble in soaking wet from the rain and all laughing at a new joke Dustin came up with. They all yell hello to the girls and Dustin and Will head downstairs to the basement, Mike and Lucas both hanging back to give their respective girlfriends a hello kiss. El and Mike stare into each others eyes for a second before he runs downstairs to join the boys. El hesitates for a minute before running to the basement door, opening it and yelling down. "Hey Mike?!" It's a second before he responds "Yeah El?!" she hesitates again before yelling down "I Love You!" she hears Dustin and Lucas start squealing and Will gasping in shock. Mike immediately yells back "I Love You Too!" she chuckles as she shuts the door and sits back with the girls, they can hear the boys taunting Mike and they all laugh, turning their attention to the end of the movie.

It's 3:21am and Mike cannot sleep. He carefully steps over his sleeping friends and makes his way upstairs to the girls in the living room. He tiptoes over to El and shakes her awake. "Mike?" she mumbles, disorientated. She opens her eyes and sees his face and smiles, pulling back the covers and shuffling over so he can join her. She wraps her legs around his waist and he wraps his arms around her back. He waits for her breathing to even out before kissing her cheek and whispering "I Love You" into the darkness.

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