I See My Future In Your Eyes

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Y'ALL. I am so proud of this chapter that I just had to update it as soon as I finished. I got this idea a few weeks ago and have been brainstorming it since then. It took me a couple hours to write and get perfect, and it is my favourite chapter so far. Future mileven makes me WEEP. I hope y'all love it as much as I do. Enjoy, and I hope you get extreme feels! Its like around 1,300 words, so my longest oneshot yet! Also, I really love the Ed Sheeran lyric as the title.


Mike and Eleven got married at Hawkins National Park on the afternoon of March 2nd, 1994. It couldn't have been more perfect. When El walked down the aisle in her beautiful ivory dress, Mike felt like he was going to melt at the sight of her. They both cried happy tears as they exchanged vows, marrying each other was the greatest thing either of them would ever achieve. Despite loving Mike more than words could describe, El decided to keep 'Hopper' as her last name. It was a symbol of thanks to the man who had taken her in, saved her and kept her safe from the men who tried to hurt her. It was the least she could do.

James Michael Wheeler was brought into the world at 2:46am on the snowy morning of January 16th, 1995. He was named after El's father. Even though they were not genetically related, he was her father, and all she wanted was for her son to be named after such an amazing man. Nancy and Jonathan were named his godparents, and they were overjoyed to be role models for this beautiful child. For Mike and El, it was love at first sight. Upon holding his newborn son in his arms for the first time, Mike made a promise to himself and his son. He promised to be twice the father that Ted had ever been. He promised to support James, to love him, to encourage him, and most of all, never put him down for anything he loved. He knew he would love him more and more every day, and support whoever he was, whatever he wanted to achieve and whoever he wanted to love.

James was definitely Mike's son. As the months passed, he soon got Mike's straight black hair, his splattering of freckles, his face shape and lips. Despite his resemblence to his father, El shined through in most aspects of him. As he got older, El's eyes became more and more prominent in him. (He was able to do the same doe eyes as El and Mike could never say no to him when he did that) Mike and El were head over heels in love, and they didn't think they could get any happier.

They were proven wrong a month and 1 day after James's first birthday. Nicholas Steven Wheeler was born late in the afternoon of Feburary 17th, 1996. Will was named his godfather, and he had never loved anyone as much as he loved his godson. Mike and El couldn't believe that they could be any happier, but having both of their beautiful sons, they hadn't felt that complete since they reunited that November night of 1984. Again, Nicholas heavily resembled Mike. He had his chocolately brown eyes, his puffy lips and face shape. Mike made the same promise to Nicholas that he had to James. He loved both of his sons to the moon and back, and he fully planned on supporting and loving them through whatever they chose in life. Nicholas inherited El's hair. His curly chesnut brown hair soon grew out, and El affectionatley called him noodle-head.

As the boys grew up, they seemed like a perfect divide of both of their parents. They both had their father's body shape, tall, skinny and lanky. James developed El's habit of singing and dancing around the house when he was happy, eating all of the chocolate chips out of the dough when they made cookies and playing in the rain, even if it meant getting sick the next day. Most prominantley, he got her intoxicating laugh and smile. Whenever you saw him smiling or laughing, it just made you want to beam back at him. He got Mike's habit of pacing when he was nervous or stressed. Anytime he had a particially hard test, he would pace back and forth in his room, textbook in hand, muttering equations under his breath. He also inherited Mike's secret love for ABBA, which they kept between them. Nicholas seemed to be just like Mike. He was fiercely loyal and protective, he would defend everyone he loved, even if it meant giving up his life to save them. He was also stubborn like Mike, and never gave up on something once he had set his mind to it. He also had Mike's voice and manner of speaking. It was sometimes hard to figure out which one you were talking to over the phone if they didn't tell you first. However, he had El's mannerisms. The way he would scrunch his nose up when he was annoyed, how he fiddled with his pens when he was in class, how he would raise his voice whenever he spoke about something he was passionate about, and how he would murmer the words of a book as he read it. By the time the boys were in their teens, they towered over their mother, both ridicously tall like Mike.

Despite loving their sons more than anything, Mike and El desperatley wanted a third child. They had been trying for years, but it seemed that El couldn't get pregnant again. Then, on James's 14th birthday, they got the most amazing news. El was pregnant. 8 months later, and one month premature, their daughter, their little miracle, Clara Joyce Wheeler was born. September 2nd was officially their families favourite day. They made Joyce her middle name after the woman who was a mother to El, and an amazing role model. Max, Lucas AND Dustin were named her godparents, and they all adored the beautiful baby girl. Her brothers were so excited to have a little sister to love and be protective over, and El and Mike, well, they fell head over heels in love for the fourth time in their lives. As soon as they saw her, it was quite clear Clara was El's daughter. Even as a newborn, she resembled El so closely, and it only grew as she got older. She got her pink plump lips, doe eyes, rosy cheeks, button nose and curly hair. She also got Mike's splattering of freckles, just like her brothers, which El adored. Mike was so in love with his little girl. She looked so much like his beautiful wife, and he was so honoured to be able to have such an amazing family.

As Clara got older, she resembled El more and more every day. She inherited all of her mothers mannerisms, and her personality. She was El's own personal mini me. However, if you looked closely, Mike shined through in some of the best parts of her. She danced crazily like him, laughed like him, repeated her words for emphasis like him, made power-points to prove her point like him and most of all, loved like him. Blindly and with her whole heart.

All of their children were obssessed with science like both of their parents and they loved Star Wars and sci-fi. Friday nights became Star Wars nights, they would watch a Star Wars movie and eat popcorn and candy. They all excelled at science in school, and were fascinated with the stars and astrology. When any new Star Wars film would come out, they would go see it as a family and obssess over it for weeks, having massive 5 member light saber fights.

Their children eventually grew older. They moved out, went to college and succeeded in life. Mike and El would often look after their granchildren, who were gorgeous and the most adorable beings on this earth. As they got grey hairs, and wrinkles and as they grew old together, Mike and El still looked at each other the same way. In their hearts, they were still the hopelessly in love 14 year olds, and their life together had been everything they could ever ask for and more. They were as in love as they had been the day they had met, and they would frequently flash-back to their younger days, smiling like idiots and still looking at each other the way they had when they reunited that November night of 1984. The first day of the rest of their lives.

i see my future in your eyes

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