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𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘| Lucas Sinclair by saturnlily
𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐘| Lucas Sinclairby ミ☆ LILY
" still pretty" in which 010 and 011 escape Hawkins Lab and meet three boys with a missing friend. lucas sinclair x oc season 1- ✅ season 2- ✅ season 3- ✅
Stranger Things Imagines  by hisnameiscastiel
Stranger Things Imagines by mariel
A book of imagines for the characters of Stranger Things. Some may be long, some may be short, some may be turned into short stories. Enjoy. Requests accepted sometimes.
That Night [JENLISA G!P] by Jenduegi_
That Night [JENLISA G!P]by Jenduegi_
Jennie Kim is your calm, understanding girl who decided to go clubbing with her best friend one night to escape the pain she saw in her brother's eyes as he fights for h...
Done For [Billy Hargrove] by dolans_bish
Done For [Billy Hargrove]by dolans_bish
"Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love." He mumbled. In which a boy that came from an abusive home fell in love with a girl who felt like home. ...
TG2: Once Again (Jenlisa) by ashtngry
TG2: Once Again (Jenlisa)by Grey
Even in the second time, time would be their enemy? How can you fight if you already know at first that both of you can't be together? Will you surrender or you'll tak...
silver • steve harrington by astrangerqueen
silver • steve harringtonby Roo
"I love you more than you love your hair" a girl comes into steve's life and changes everything (female oc x steve harrington) (season one, two and three ) ...
Synonyms for Idiot by spidey_senses
Synonyms for Idiotby spidey_senses
//Steve Harrington\\ .:* Seasons 1-3 Complete *:. . . "Blockhead? Is that like my nickname now?" Steve sighed. "Unless you know a better synonym for idiot...
𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬¹ | steve h. by -dedroses
𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬¹ | 𝐣𝐚𝐜.
❛ when the sweet words and fevers all leave us right here in the cold. ❜ season one fem!oc x steve h. © -dedroses 2017.
start again | steve harrington by siriuslyblacklol
start again | steve harringtonby NO REGRETS
˜"*°•.˜"*°• to begin to do something again, sometimes in a different way •°*"˜.•°*"˜ [ steve harrington x the oc ] [ stranger things season 2 and 3] ...
monster // a s.t. story  by -buzzbuzz
monster // a s.t. story by blakes
"not a monster" in which a small town in indiana can only be saved by two weirdos with superpowers, a group of nerdy boys, a bag of snickers, and some bikes. s...
kiwi! - st gif series *:・。. by sodabyers
kiwi! - st gif series *:・。.by venus!
in which venus creates short imagines based off gifs of her favorite tv series.
HIGHWAY | B. HARGROVE ✓ by PsychicLavender
Baby, take the Highway. In which Billy, the tough guy, falls for a girl he meets passed out on the side of the road. [Stranger Things 2]
Stranger Things: Book 2 by youneverknow22
Stranger Things: Book 2by Youneverknow22
Book 2 to my previous Stranger Things x Reader What a year... after the Shadow Monster is defeated, you and the party finally get to relax forever... or so it seems. As...
• 12 • Dustin Henderson  by Lonelytrash16
• 12 • Dustin Henderson by Lonelytrash16
It all began with two girls and a missing boy Both initialed with numbers, One with 11 The other 12 How did Hawkin's town become a real nightmare that was only told i...
a collection of stranger things imagines [ on hold ] i'll still answer comments! thank you all for 100k reads!! 🥰 highest ranks: #1 in tv show! #38 in number!
**✿❀ fireworks! s.h. ❀✿** by lovermarais
**✿❀ fireworks! s.h. ❀✿**by ✨jay ✨
Ren Bautz has three friends and loses them all in less than a week. Steve Harrington gives up his social status for Ren. They make an odd couple, but somehow they work i...
The Vampire Bodyguard. by FlyAwayy
The Vampire FlyAwayy
Jade Whitner is a 16 year old girl. Her Father John Whitner is the human governor of the vampire community, he's the guy that helps the vampires stay a secret from the r...
NEW START || MAX MAYFIELD X FEM READER S2 - 3 by -ScooperTrooper-
Your name is Charlene 'Charlie' Ives. Your hair is medium length with the color being brown. You have brown eyes. You're the new local badass kid in Hawkins. You always...
FIRST(M.W.) by haestaetic
FIRST(M.W.)by mabuchi kou
Y/N Hargrove what a pretty name for a pretty face. She's that one girl in Hawkins that bullies, breaks rules, and doesn't care. She's known, she's popular, loved and hat...