Michael Wheeler is totally whipped.

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"Mike. Mike! MICHAEL!"

"Dustin what the hell?" Mike exclaims as he falls off the couch in surprise. "You were zoned out again. You were thinking about her weren't you!" Dustin yells as he Lucas, Will and Max all jump up and start wiggling their eyebrows at him.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about." Mike says whilst folding his arms and narrowing his eyes at the four idiots before him.

"Don't give us that BS!" Lucas yells, plopping down on the couch, grabbing popcorn and turning back to the TV program playing. "We all know damn well you're totally head over heels in loveeeeeeee!" He practically squeals.

Max sits down next to Lucas and turns to face Mike "You're totally whipped Wheeler!" She exclaims "Everytime you think about her your eyes go all glossy and you practically start drooling" she giggles. "Like an absolute idiot!" Dustin yells from the other side of the basement as he searches for the fluffiest blanket.

"Sorry to say Mike, but they're right. And to be frank, you guys are the cutest. And, El stares at you the exact same way" Will states as he opens a bag of barbecue chips.

"Speaking of which, where the hell is El! She told us she was gonna be here by 7 and its 7:38!" Dustin yells,
half buried in the linen closet. "Cool your jets, she'll be here soon! There's this thing called patience Henderson, you should try it sometime!" Max yells from her position on the floor. Lucas doubles over in laughter at his girlfriends burn.

"Oh ha ha, very funny Mayfield! When I get outta here you are going down!" Dustin shouts, now fully submerged in different brightly patterned linen.

"Guys?!" A small voice yells as El Hopper comes into view, her now shoulder length hair up in an adorable messy bun. Mike gets up from the couch, with a beaming smile, and crushes the petite girl in a hug.

"EL!" The others scream and run over, as Dustin struggles under a pile of blankets.

"Hey guys!" She exclaims as they hug her. "I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I've seen you all! Lucas have you grown again cause I swear you're ten times taller then when I last saw you" Lucas chuckles and hugs her again.

The small girls attention is drawn to the muffled cries coming from the other side of the room and she turns, seeing Dustin's feet sticking out from under the fabric. "I'm not even gonna ask" she says as she sets down her sleepover stuff and Mike leads her over to the couch.

"OOOHHHH! Mike's got his heart eyes going!" Lucas squeals as Mike thumps him on the head and sits down with El, her head fitting perfectly into his shoulder. He snakes his arm around her waist and kisses her temple. "I've missed you." he whispers as Dustin finally comes over blanket in hand and Ghostbusters starts playing on the TV. "I missed you too." she says as she places a sweet kiss to his lips. Mike smiles into the kiss and deepens it before there is a yell from the floor.

"WHEELER! HOPPER! Stop sucking face and pay attention! Oh and Mike if you could admit you're totally whipped it would be a hugeeeee help to everybody here" Max yells as she snuggles in to Lucas's side. Mike gives her his signature death stare as he rests his head on El's and turns to movie.

Half an hour later, he starts to feel El go slack against his side, so he adjusts so she can rest her head on his chest. He waits for her breathing to even out before he whispers "goodnight love" and slowly falls asleep too.

When Ghostbusters ends the others turn to ask the pair what movie to watch next, only to see the couple
snuggled together with Mike's arm draped around her back. "Totally. Whipped." Lucas states as he high fives Dustin and Will gets up to put E.T in the VHS player. Max turns to look at her new found friends and smiles at their cuteness, snuggling up to her own boyfriend and slowly drifting off.

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