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"Have either of you ever heard of personal space?" Max questioned as she turned around in her seat to see Mike and El all curled up together in the back seat of the van. Joyce and Hopper had decided to take the kids camping for a week of summer break, so Max, Lucas, Mike and El were in one car with Hopper and Will and Dustin were in the other with Joyce. Hopper was on especially close watch of Mike and Eleven because the campsite was more of a free area and they could run off whenever they wanted to.

"El! Mike! Keep to your own seats or I will stop this car to move you away from each other" Hopper yelled from the front seat as he looked at them through his mirror. "Hoppppppp!" El whined as she sat up, secretly grabbing Mike's hand. "You know the rules kiddo" Hopper exclaimed as Lucas and Max tried to contain their laughter.

An hour later they arrived at the campsite and met up with the others. They decided there would be a girls tent and a boys tent, so everyone was busy claiming mattresses and which area of the tent they would sleep. After dinner, Joyce and Hopper went off to look around the whole campsite whilst the kids all sat around the fire pit, laughing at a story Dustin was telling about an incident at his primary school. While the others were talking and laughing, Mike grabbed El's hand and led her over to a nearby blanket and they both lay down to stargaze, El's head resting on his chest.

At around 10:45 Joyce and Hopper started to round up the kids and get them into bed. Joyce, Max and El were in their tent whilst the boys were in theirs. Everyone fell asleep peacefully to the sound of the countryside.

El woke up in a cold sweat and looked at her watch. 2:36am. She'd been having the same dream of Papa taking her back to the lab every night for the past few weeks and it terrified her. Shivering and scared she quietly crept out of the tent and went over to the fire pit, sitting on one of the benches surrounding it and pulling her jumper closer around her, tears silently streaming down her face.

Mike didn't get much sleep that night. He was too restless. He was used to holding El close and missed her warmth. It was way easier for him to sleep knowing she was right there beside him. Sighing quietly, he got up and left the tent, leaving Dustin's loud snores behind him.

As soon as he stepped outside he saw the small figure sitting by the firepit. "El?" he asked quietly, making his way over to her. She looked up at him as he sat beside her and he immediately saw the tears. He quickly wrapped her in his arms as she clung to him, sobbing against his chest. He knew about the recurring dream she'd been having as she'd had it more than a few times whilst staying at his. He just held her as she sobbed and rubbed circles on her palm, trying his best to soothe her. Once she had calmed down, he lifted her face to his and kissed her sweetly. He then picked her up bridal style and sat down on one of the nearby camping chairs with her in his lap. "I love you" El murmured before falling asleep. "I love you too" Mike answered before quickly falling asleep too.

The next morning, Hopper woke up before the boys. Dustin was still snoring loudly. He rolled over and saw Mike's bed was empty. He sighed and immediately knew he would be somewhere with El. He climbed out of the tent, zipping it closed behind him and spotted the couple curled up together on the chair. He sighed again and cursed at himself. With the stress of organising this trip and getting everyone here he had completely forgotten about El's nightmares. He knew that Mike could soothe her like no one else, so he decided to let the two sleep and to just get himself ready for the day.

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