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El, Mike and Karen were 3 hours into their drive back to Hawkins after seeing Nancy off to College. It was now dark outside and El had shuffled over to the middle seat so she could lean her head on Mike's shoulder. The radio was playing quietly and Mike and El were talking about plans for a weekend with the gang.

Karen watched the stoplight turn red and then looked over her shoulder to observe her son and his girl. At first, she didn't approve of Eleven but she had grown to love her, and like everyone else, loved her sunny personality and her general aura of positivity. She also saw the way her son looked at her, and was accepting that, as young as they were, they were really in love. It was about 6 months ago when she accidentally stumbled across them having a intimate conversation, and heard the 'I Love Yous' they were professing to each other.

It was about an hour later when she pulled into a gas station and turned around again to see El curled up, practically lying on Mike whilst his arm was wrapped around her waist, his head resting on hers. She smiled and nudged Mike awake to tell him she had stopped. He mumbled inaudibly and quickly went back to sleep.

It was almost 11 o'clock when El woke. She lifted her head and shuffled around, hence waking Mike. He groaned tiredly and tried to pull her back in but she just giggled and yawned, stretching her arms and sitting up properly. Mike sighed, and started to wake too. "How long till we get home?" Mike asked whilst he stifled a yawn. "About 15 minutes" Karen answered, her eyes still on the road. El smiled at Mike and leaned over, quickly kissing him. He shook his head as she pulled away and gently grabbed her waist, kissing her again. Karen looked in her mirror and saw the two. She smiled and then exclaimed "Oi! you know the rules!" They jumped apart guilty with red cheeks and wide grins.

15 minutes later they pulled into the Wheeler driveway. Karen got out and started to unlock the front door. Mike opened his car door "Wait there El" he said as he climbed out. Once he was out he grabbed her bridal style and slammed the car door with his leg. She laughed and hit his chest, and then leaned into his neck. Mike carried her inside, yelled goodnight to his mom and then went to his room, placing El on the bed. She took off her shoes and crawled under the covers, making grabby hands for Mike to join her. He chuckled and crawled in, pulling her close.

10 minutes later and Mike was starting to drift off when he whispered "You know I love you so much right?" El laughed quietly and answered "You tell me everyday!" He laughed too and pulled her in for a kiss. El watched as he fell asleep and snuggled closer whispering "I love you too."

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